Benwick and Whittlesey in rich pickings

Picture is of Benwick angler Rob Lincoln with his fine zander taken from the Old Nene at Benwick.
Picture is of Benwick angler Rob Lincoln with his fine zander taken from the Old Nene at Benwick.

With so much water about over the past week it is quite amazing any fishing took place at all in our area.

Driving around the fens on Sunday just about every venue I came to looked all but unfishable.

Yet surprisingly several matches did take place, although the majority still had to be cancelled. The Winter League practice match saw organiser Roy Whincup struggling to find 50 or 60 pegs worth fishing, settling for the Old Nene at Benwick and Whittlesey Dyke.

It proved to be an inspired move, as Whittlesey Dyke was a revelation. It had not been in great form yet it produced the majority of the leading weights topped by Colin Oakman with 15lb 8oz, on the pole fishing pinkie over groundbait to see off the challenge of Hotrods team mate Rob Lincoln, he drew close by and recorded 13lb 12oz. Third Will Freeman 13lb 9 ½ oz, Mark Pollard fourth 13lb 8oz.

Round Five of the East Midland League takes place on Sunday and will revert back to the original venues which were Factory Bank, Raveley Drain and Ramsey narrows, unless conditions deteriorate again, in which case you would be advised to check with your team captain.

Tydd Gote

The midweek match saw the North Level Drain in cracking form, all the top three putting double figure weights to the scales. Out in front with over 300 small roach and skimmers was John Taylor, he caught on the pole with maggot over groundbait. Second John Young on 13lb 10oz followed by Mark Lynn 12lb 9oz.

It was hoped the Sunday match would be just as good but it was decided to call the match off for safety reasons.

The club fixtures should be back to normal this week, with the Wednesday and Sunday matches drawing at Clough Treatment works at 9am.

Even our local stillwaters suffered and either cancelled matches or saw very few anglers turning up.

Townsend Lakes got in a very respectable Wednesday match, the in-form Colin Begbie winning from peg 4 on the Woodpecker Pool, 65lb 14oz. Neil Pesky second 49lb 8oz, Rick James 22lb 2oz.

Saturday’s Open match also fished reasonably well with Ricky Young taking the top spot with 33lb 10oz. Brendon Stowlger second on 23lb, Harry Morgan 20lb 4oz.

The wet and windy weather finally caught up with them on Sunday, Stowlger topping with 36lb 12oz, James 28lb 8oz, Alan Owen 17lb 12oz.

Predator anglers really struggled at the weekend. The Old Nene is full of pike right now particularly along the Benwick section, but a local matchman had a surprise, netting a huge zander from the hot pegs at the back of the church right in the centre of the village. The Old Nene might only be a small water but with a touch of colour to it often produces surprisingly good results.

Buttonhole Fishery, Wisbech

In strong winds weights were well down on what you would expect from this fishery. Wayne Hopkin topped with 38lb 12oz taken on a small feeder with maggot. Richard Button second 26lb 10oz, Peter Bourne 24lb 8oz.

A 47lb 4oz lake record mirror caught by March’s Jason Wilsonfrom Fenland Fisheries on Sunday, November 18.