Bob brightens up the series finale

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THE RETURN to much colder weather coupled with some heavy rain put the blocks on sport over the weekend as anglers had to reach for the more refined winter tackle to get bites.

The rain was much needed as we head towards the end of the season on Monday, March 14 but in the end there was just too much of it and once the temperatures dropped it was a sure sign we were in for some difficult fishing and it does look as this week is not going to be much better.

The big Bourne League was scheduled to be fished on the River Glen yet on the morning of the match Parson Drove match organiser John Spalton had to hastily beat a retreat over onto the River Welland through Spalding as the Glen was just about unfishable.

At first glance the result of the league match looks very good but behind the headline grabbing weights it did not fish well, so it became a disappointing end to the league series.

The bright spot has to be the tremendous winning weight taken by former world champion Bob Nudd, our adopted local angler now that he lives just outside of March.

Bob is a wizard on bread punch fishing and stole the show putting a massive 40lb 14oz to the scales. There is no better angler than the Browning maestro when it comes to bread punch fishing. Bob took 75 huge roach topped up by a massive bag of smaller fish.

It was not plain sailing though. Steve Winters rounded off a cracking winter series, coming second with 35-10-0 of roach, enough to give him the overall individual title.

On the team front Maver Bait Tech Green were runaway winners with nine points, but two teams tied for the league’s top spot, Maver Fox and Maver Bait Tech Black both on ten points.

Our local teams from the Wisbech based Sensas Mark One sides did not feature and had to settle for 5th place in the league this year.

Result: 1 B Nudd, Browning, 40lb 15oz; 2 S Winters, Maver Bait Tech, 35lb 10oz; 3 B Harding, Maver Bait Tech, 18lb 13oz; 4 D Rowell, Garbolino Peterborough, 14lb 10oz; 5 T Nash, Browning Hotrods, 10lb 8oz; 6 A Bates, Sensas Mark One, 6lb 5oz.

Teams: 1 Maver Bit Tech Green, 9pts; 2 Maver Bait Tech Black, 15; 3 Garbolino Peterborough, 20; 4 Maver Fox, 21; jt 5 Sensas Mark One White and Sensas Mark One black, both 24.

League: Jt 1 Maver Bait Tech Black and Maver Fox, both 10pts; 3 Maver Bait Tech Green, 12; 4 Garbolino Peterborough, 18; 5 Sensas Mark One Black, 20.

It would seem almost all our local fixtures saw weights drop. Wednesday’s Tydd Gote open on the North Level Drain was not too great and by the weekend the results show a poor match.

Top rod on the midweek match was Len Shucksmith with a level 7lb, his catch included a big tench taken on worm.

Runner up was Sammy McSpadden with 1lb 9oz followed by Dave Sippitts with 1lb 7oz. Sunday’s match on French Drove saw Colin Gibbons out in front with a level 3lb of small fish taken on pinkie followed by Andrew Spencer with 1lb 8oz and the rest of the field struggled for a bite.

Sunday’s pike match has been cancelled due to a clash of fixtures.

Perhaps the pick of our local waters at the weekend was the Old Nene at March on the bypass section which saw the March AC lads finding quite a few fish willing to feed.

Top rod was Bob Fitzjohn with a net of roach and rudd taken on the waggler with maggot weighing in 15lb 7oz.

Then came Stan Binge, he fished the pole with pinkie over groundbait close in to record 11lb 8oz followed by Shaun Strachen with 11lb 4oz and Carol Davies with 9lb 12oz.

The tiny Horseway’s Drain was a reliable performer for the Chatteris Workingmen’s Club angling section at the weekend, top rod was Steve Newell with a good net of roach taken on hemp seed weighing 10lb 8oz.

Then came John Roper with 7lb 15oz followed in third place by Fred Hart on 5lb 3oz. The club have another match on the venue this Sunday, draw is at 8.30am.

Strong winds and heavy rain prevented really big weights at Townsend Fishery at the weekend, although Ricky Young bagged a comfortable victory in the Saturday open on the Cuckoo Canal Pool.

The Huntingdon rod fished pellet on the pole from peg 39 to take first place with 48lb 9oz. Runner up was Colin Begbie on 22lb 13oz followed by Bob Coulson on 11lb 9oz.

Sunday’s match on the Kingfisher Pool is becoming somewhat boring, as once again no-one could catch Rob Hewison. I think it’s four wins in four trips to the fishery, a remarkable achievement.

The match was fished in the Kingfisher Pool which saw Rob taking the honours with 19lb 10oz, all taken with caster fished close in. Ricky Young came in second on 18lb 10oz followed by 13-year -old Harry Morgan, he had 18lb 6oz including a carp of 10lb 15oz.  Headfen Lakes

Trevs Lake, Saturday: 1 T Dabrowa, FM Stanjay, 64lb 5oz; 2 S Jackson, Headfen, 38lb 3oz; 3 J Millard, Newmarket AC, 27lb 12oz; Headfen Qualifier: Sunday: 1 M Ayers, Dents, 36lb 8oz; 2 M Logan, Lawn Farm, 30lb 8oz; 3 M Bailey, Headfen, 29lb 6oz.