Carter is best at Buttonhole

The first senior citizens match of 2013 at Fields End Water fishery, Doddington took place last week and there was a really good turnout considering the windy weather.

Weights were not quite as good as expected but will pick up as the water warms up. Top rod was resident Stuart Naylor, he drew peg three and took 38lb 8oz on a small Method feeder. Mick Linnell came in second on 30lb 3oz, he fished a small maggot feeder followed by Tom Mitchell on a level 30lb.

There has been a lot of talk around the local angling world the fishery had closed its doors to club matches and it was confirmed at the weekend by the complex owners: “We have stopped taking bookings from clubs so the Pool is now always available for pleasure fishing especially at the weekends and it is becoming very popular for the pleasure angler already.”

Good news for pleasure anglers as you can be sure the fishery will not be booked up at weekends for matches,

Buttonhole Fishery was the pick of the waters over the past week after Andrew Carter set a new match record for the fishery with a massive 258lb. The local rod fished on peg nine and took a lot of fish up in the water on pellet and followed that up with a cracking late run of much bigger fish taken on meat close in.

Runner up was Matt Ayres with 246lb 7oz taken on the pole with bread punch followed by Shaun Greatbatch with 101lb 12oz.

In the Tuesday match Les Barry topped the field with 67lb 12 oz; Sammy McSpadden 52lb 5oz and John Bates 45lb 9oz.

Club secretary John Smith topped the latest Fenland Rods match fished on the Elm Pool at Decoy Lakes with 94lb 8oz. A close second was Darren Ogden, 93lb 9oz, Les Bedford 86lb 8½ oz.

Kingsland Large Lake was the venue for the Spratt’s AC match which saw a very close contest for the top spot, Trevor Cousins just sealing victory with 77lb 6oz of carp taken from peg 7. Trevor fished a small feeder with meat, netting carp to 8lb. Agonisingly close was runner-up Colin Varney 77lb 4oz. Third Bob Allan 30lb 4oz.

There was a really good turnout for the Ramsey AS match fished on the Beastie Lake at Decoy. It was those fishing the early numbers on the lake that had the best of the action, John Paine topping the strong field with a cracking 140lb from peg 5. John caught steadily all day fishing close in with red maggot netting fish to 3lb. Kye Jerrom was on peg 13 and took carp on the long pole line falling just short of the top spot on 138lb 2oz.

John Hazelden put 136lb 8oz to the scales for third, Rob Lincoln 132lb.

This weekend’s Ramsey match will be on the Willow Pool on the Decoy Complex, and there are still a few tickets left.

In latest Headfen Fishery qualifier Tim Dabrowa topped a strong field on Trev’s lake, 59lb netting carp to 8lb. Runner-up James Collison 50lb, Alan Newton 49lb 3oz.

This week’s match on Sunday will be fished on Trev’s Lake draw 8.45 fish 10-4.

Result from Townsend Lakes, Cuckoo Canal Pool: Colin Begbie 227lb.

Fishery boss Colin had to break off before the end to weigh in a club match on another pool!

Harry Young 143lb 12oz, Steve Sharpe with 121lb 12oz.