Champ Kev is the one to beat


Fenland Rods got their 2014 campaign off to a good start at the weekend, fishing the in-form Six Island pool on the popular Decoy Lakes complex.

It does look as if current club champion Kev Lee is once again going to be the man to beat after topping the field in the first match with a comprehensive victory, putting 97lb 15oz to the scales.

Drawn in the bottom bay, Lee drew peg 6 and found it tough going in the first half of the match as there was a cold wind blowing across the lake. A switch to a short pole line found the fish and once he got his favourite meat baits working he raced to the top of the leader board.

Just round the corner to the winner was Tim Bates on peg 4. The lake is not renowned for shallow fishing but the March rod got the fish to feed up in the water on sweetcorn finishing second with a respectable 86lb 1oz. Matt Lutkin came in third with 79lb 3 ½ oz followed by Mel Lutkin on 71lb 13½ oz.

This week the club are on another of the better pools at Decoy, the Horseshoe, it’s been in cracking form and we should see some fine weights with fish showing on a variety of methods.

Spratt’s AC have been regulars to the Decoy Lakes complex and they too had a fixture on the Six Island Pool for their Friday match. There were some better weights here, topped by Trevor Cousins on peg 19.

Red maggot has been a very reliable bait over the past few weeks and Trevor got them to work well in the first half. A switch to meat close in also produced some good fish as he raced away from the chasing pack and caught a fine 138lb 6oz. Runner-up from peg two was Martin Parker, he relied on luncheon meat catching on a feeder and close in on the pole for 118lb 12oz. Paste king Peter Spriggs came in third with 89lb 4oz.

It’s been a very busy time over at Buttonhole Fishery and with some very good weights being taken I am sure more and more anglers will he heading over. Venue expert Andrew Carter drew peg 1 recently and put a fine 106lb net of big carp to the scales, most of his fish falling to meat baits.

Paul Pleasance came in second from peg 23, he decided on a pole and pellet approach which saw him bag 89lb 14oz, followed by Jamie Crown with 44lb 4oz.

Sport was much improved for their latest open match fished at the weekend and Danny Button led the way with a cracking net of carp taken from peg 21. Danny used three methods to keep the fish feeding all day, a pellet waggler, then the pole with pellet on the hook and then for the really big fish he used a pole and paste approach close in to record 165lb 14oz. Close by was runner-up Marc Bradford who caught the majority of his fish up in the water with pellet finishing with 158lb, then came Bob Smith who caught well close in on meat, paste and pellet for 132lb 3oz.

It’s going to be a busy time on all our local waters over the Easter holiday with lots of anglers out for the first time this year so could I just remind you all that if it is indeed your first time since the new rod licences came out on April 1 then you will need to get one before you head off to the venue of your choice. You can get them from the Post Office or on line at

Please make sure it’s an official site and you only pay the cost of the licence and no handling fee as there are some unscrupulous websites charging fees to process your licence.

I am sure the Environment Agency bailiffs will be out over the holiday period so please make sure you have one or you could be in trouble.