Fisheries provide a new challenge

Now that the coarse fishing season on Fenland drains and rivers has drawn to a close some local anglers will stick to tradition and not go fishing until the new season reopens on June 16.

But for many more it’s off to the many stillwaters we have in our area. I may be a little biased here but I really do think that we have some wonderful fisheries right on our doorstep.

I never thought I would ever be writing that, let alone fishing these commercial waters but like other anglers I have grown to enjoy the sport they have to offer. It’s different, at times challenging and on most occasions very enjoyable.

We have quite a few to choose from and so as we start sorting through all the different types of tackle we will be needing I thought I would give you a run down over the next two or three weeks on the waters around the area and with them some directions and contact numbers.

First up then is Fields End Water Fishery at Doddington, there are two lakes on the complex which also has a caravan site.

This is ideal for the angler or family that wants to stay for a few days. The “Pit” is the more established of the two lakes and has a good mixed stock of fish but most that wet a line on this pool are after the bigger carp.

Already anglers are reporting 100lb plus nets of fish and as the weather warms up the fishing is only going to get better.

I have fished the Match Lake on several occasions now, it’s surprisingly deep and lends itself well to feeder fishing.

Big weights also fall to pole anglers and the recent craze for pellet waggler fishing has seen huge weights recorded in the summer when the fish are feeding up in the water.

Fishing super star and four times world champion Bob Nudd has fished here and said after a visit to the water: “Fields End Water is one of my favourite local fisheries. A great mixed water, fantastic for carp and roach.”

So if it’s good enough for Bob then it’s got to be well worth a visit, there is something for just about everyone here. They even have a small tackle shop on site for those extra bits and pieces and bait if required.

Details: Pond House Fields End Water, Benwick Road, Doddington, Cambs PE15 0TY. 01354 740199 or 07921 367336.

Another first class water in the area is Decoy Lakes, the fishery is now recognised as one of the best in the country and needs no introducing to most anglers.

I love the Willow Lake and Horseshoe Pool while our local clubs often prefer the strip lakes at the bottom end of the complex.

As I have said many times before the scenery is not great but let’s be honest we go to Decoy for the fishing on offer and on the likes on Oak, Cedar and Yew you get that in abundance.

Open: All year. No admittance until 9am, farm to be vacated by 6pm; £6 adult, £3 junior. Decoy Farm, Drybread Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 2AD. 01733 202230.

It’s not too late to get booked into the Carp & Silver Fish League over four matches organised by John Bates from Wisbech. The dates are as follows;

Townsend Kingfisher Lake March 27 and April 17; Button hole lake May 8 and June 12.

Pools on the day will be £20 and he will also be running a £20 optional pool to include a silver fish champion, a carp champion and an overall winner.

All based on points throughout the series. Contact: John Bates: home 01945 467144, mobile 07709282965.