Jamie’s crown at Buttonhole


Once again the Tuesday evening matches over at Buttonhole Fishery are proving to be very popular and with some very good weights recorded quite a few more anglers will be eager to join the action.

In the latest match Jamie Crown topped the list fishing close in on meat from peg 1. The local rod caught well throughout the match netting carp to double figures to finish on 144lb 15oz. Marc Bradford took the runner-up spot with a feeder caught net weighing 114lb 5oz followed by Andy Lawrence on 86lb 2oz.

On Sunday conditions were far from ideal at Buttonhole, hence a drop in weights. Top rod in the Leverington AC match was Willie Marshall, he caught on a feeder for 47lb 8oz. Not far behind was Terry Chilvers with a level 45lb followed by John Retchless with 44lb 12oz.

The high wins on Sunday also made it very difficult for the Fenland Rods fishing the Six Island Pool at Decoy lakes. That didn’t stop in-form Dave Garner with 168lb 3oz, he caught steadily all day from peg 25 to take a very comfortable victory from peg 25.

Second with 140lb 9oz was Mac Campbell, he caught barbel from peg 8, next came Tim Bates with 125lb 11oz. This weekend the club fish the Snake pool at Headfen Fishery.

In the latest Spratts AC match some very good weights were taken from the Oak Pool at Decoy topped by Colin Varney with 166lb 13oz.

Colin fished pellet at various depths on the long pole line and later on in the margins catching carp to 8lb from peg 20.

Peter Spriggs came second with 147lb 9oz, he fished paste from peg 9 followed by Trevor Cousins on 135lb 8oz.

In the Senior Citizens match at Fields End Water Fishery it was Mick Atherton once again taking the honours, this time fishing paste from peg 4 weighing in at 88lb.

Runner-up Harold Towler 76lb, Stuart Naylor 67lb 8oz.

The start of a new season for the Tydd Gote club is alway packed with matches, on Tuesday Jamie Cooper came first at Harold’s Bridge on the North Level Drain with two good bream and a few smaller samples for 9lb 2oz. Runner-up John Bates 5lb 5oz, Colin Gibbons third 3lb 9 ½ oz.

On Thursday the club returned to the same venue and in this one Sammy McSpadden topped the field with a bream and skimmer net weighing 9lb 7oz. Dick Paul was second on 5lb 3oz followed by Dave Corcoran with 4lb 4oz.

Sunday’s match held at Main Road saw Dave Parlett out in front, he fished the pole with pinkie for 11lb 2oz. Colin Burton came second with 7lb 2oz followed by Dick Paul with 4lb 14oz.

Metal Box AC fished Headfen Fishery at the weekend, a very hard match in very windy conditions.

In the winners berth was Tony Campion with 47lb 5oz, Tony fished a Method feeder tight to the far bank with groundbait on the feeder and pellet or meat on the hook. Runner-up was Barry Gibson with 44lb 6oz, then Shaun Buddle 38lb.

Taking a net of carp in the latest Rose & Crown event topping the field with 41lb 5oz was Bill Savage fishing peg 6 on the Rook Pool at Pidley. Bill fished meat on the feeder taking carp to 3lb. Runner-up was Paul Hollingsworth who took 16lb of roach and rudd in his 24lb 3oz from peg 3.