Mac crowned at Kingsland

Mac Campbell
Mac Campbell

It’s been a busy time for Kingsland Fishery situated not far from Turves and Coates, writes Ken Wade

The latest Fenland Rods match was fished on the Small Lake which saw Mac Campbell topping the list.

He fished a fancied corner swim and whilst several anglers tried the up in the water approach during the day, he was the only one who met with success. This method saw him catch most of his fish although towards the last two hours he fished meat close in to record 114lb 4oz. Runner-up was Kev Lee, he caught well late on with meat to record 100lb 7oz followed by Matthew Lutkin on 85lb 6oz and Peter Parlett with 58lb 10oz. This Sunday’s Fenland Rods club match will be back at Kingsland, this time fishing the Large Match Lake.

I was very sad to hear that the Manea Rose and Crown club could well fold at their next meeting as the club is just not sustainable. Six bookings had to be cancelled last year.

The Rose and Crown shield which is not connected to the club was held at the weekend on the Cuckoo Canal at Townsend Fishery and they had a good turnout and a reasonably close match.

Top rod was Kev Bridgement on peg 9 with 100lb 14oz, he caught most of his fish close in with pellet. Runner-up was Paul Hollingsworth drawn on peg 3, he also fished close in, although he used sweetcorn over pellet to finish with 90lb 10oz, just a few ounces ahead of John Waters 90lb 3oz.

The latest Spratt’s AC match was fished on the Large Carp Lake at Kingsland Fishery which saw some very good weights taken topped by Ted Lloyd, he fished meat close in from peg 2 and caught carp to 8lb to finish with 115lb 5oz. Just one good fish separated the winner from runner-up Trevor Cousins, he fished a pellet waggler, later switching to a meat line close in for 11olb 5oz. Third Peter Parlett, he caught well fishing surface baits to weigh in 88lb 12oz.

Metal box fished their latest match at the North View fishery on the Match Lake, unfortunately driving rain and a strong wind all day put paid to any really big weights. Out in front was Jim Allen 78lb 11oz fishing a method feeder tight to the island on peg 6 with meat on the hook with groundbait around the feeder netting carp to 5lb. Runner-up was Tony Campion with 46lb 3oz, third Shaun Buddle on 42lb 6oz.

Many of our local match men were very sorry to hear that from the start of the 2014 campaign Fields End Water Fishery at Doddington decided to close its doors to match fixtures. It had become one of the must fish waters in the fixture list of many of our local clubs.

The good news is that the fishery is still open to pleasure fishermen and from reports I have had over the past few weeks the venue is running into top form already. There are two lakes on the complex which, by the way also has a caravan site, this is ideal for the angler or family that wants to stay for a few days or even a week. The “Pit” is the more established of the two lakes. Already anglers are reporting 100lb plus nets.

I have fished the “Match” Lake on several occasions now and thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s surprisingly deep and lends itself well to feeder fishing. Big weights also fall to pole anglers and the recent craze for pellet waggler fishing has seen huge weights recorded in the summer when the fish are feeding up in the water. Fishing super star and four times World Champion Bob Nudd has fished here and said after a visit to the water “Fields End Water is one of my favourite local fisheries.”


Follow signs to March then Wimblington, Cambridgeshire. At Mill Hill (Pace Garage) roundabout take the 3rd exit onto B1093 (signposted Wimblington).

Continue forward onto Wimblington road - B1093. Entering Doddington, at the clock tower turn right onto Benwick Road (signposted Benwick).

After roughly three quarters of a mile you will pass on your left hand side Delfland Nurseries green houses. Shortly afterwards you will approach a sharp S-bend, directly after this bend look out for Fields End Water sign on your right.

Turn right following signs to the Campsite, Pool or Pit. Address: Pond House, Fields End Water, Benwick Road, Doddington, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0TY. Telephone: 01354 740 199. Mobile: 07921 367 336.