Old Nene runs into form

The change in the weather over the past few weeks has seen anglers turning to a more seasonal approach on our local waters, especially on the Fenland drains.

Throughout the summer months we have been used to fishing big baits for tench and bream, feeding quite heavily at times. Now though its all change and we should be looking at a pinkie or squatt approach with just a little groundbait.

Thankfully the Old Nene through Benwick and March is running into good form and many of our local match anglers will be looking forward to open matches run on the venue by March angler Bob Fitzjohn. Bob has been running matches on the Old Nene for a long time now and is confident we are in for yet another cracking winter series.

The first match gets underway on October 30 and then it’s followed up by one each month until the end of the season. Dates are as follows, November 20, December 18, January 15, February 12 and finally March 11.

Anglers from across the Midlands and indeed quite a few from southern England are more than happy to make the long trip over to March so get in quick to ensure your ticket for the series of matches, give Bob a call on 07970673439.

We also have the March Twenty Foot Drain to head off to, recognised as a good tench and bream summer venue for many years it is now also considered by a few as a good roach winter venue too.

As long as it’s got colour and a gentle flow the Fen drain is up there with the best from now right through until the season ends in March.

Many anglers leave our local stillwaters in favour of our Fen Drains once the first frost sets in but they could well be missing out on some cracking winter action on several waters.

Buttonhole Fishery can produce even on the coldest of days and the Cuckoo Canal Pool on the Townsend Fishery complex is a venue that will respond well to a maggot approach at this time of year. Fields End Water at Doddington is another venue worth a try, but perhaps on a calm day as the wind does seem to catch it at times.

For match men that can get out in the week Roy Whincup will be running Friday matches on the productive Magpie Lake at Rookery Farm Fishery Pidley commencing October 28, while the attendance, weather or form make it worth while. They will be run under the Hunts Anglers Joint Advisory Committee (HAJAC) banner. He will use Magpie whilst the weather is kind, moving to Jay when the cold weather kicks in as this lake should fish reasonably well through the winter months. Any questions or bookings to Roy on 07817 694359. Draws will be at 9am and pools £16 all-in, fishing times will be decided on the day.

For big fish anglers Willowcroft Fishery at Wisbech St Mary’s is a must fish venue, even if it turns really cold with so many big fish in the waters its hard to see you not getting bites at the very least. The recently renovated Six Islands specimen lake at Willowcroft has been producing the goods for several anglers.

Johnny Fletcher from Whittlesey was the first person queuing to fish this lake as soon as it opened and he caught a personal best carp of 31lb 5oz along with three other big carp. The action has not stopped there though, in a three night session a small group of anglers banked 55 fish including two fish of 30lb plus.

Lots of baits work well here but an inside tip well worth a try is a bunch of red maggots, Old fashioned? Yes indeed, but they often do the trick when fancy baits and boilies are ignored.

Six Islands is a member’s only lake with a £36 membership giving you the right to book this lake. Its eight acres but they only allow 12 people on at any one time, fishing is £24 for 2 rods and £30 for 3.

The lake is now 10 to 12ft deep and has been restocked with specimen carp. The other three lakes which you can fish are Cafe Lake which has carp up to 38lb and catfish up to 28lb, you do not have to book for this lake you just turn up.

Seadyke Lake has a mixture of fish up to 21lb but mainly carp and they average out a lot smaller and Granddads Lake has become very popular for the older gentlemen with a mixture of carp up to 16lb, both these lakes are £6 per rod.