Popular league’s meeting

The HAJAC AGM will be held on Wednesday of this week at the Five Alls Pub, Benwick.

Over the past few years Roy Whincup, along with several others have worked wonders with HAJAC, particularly on the match fishing front which has seen the winter league become one of the most popular winter events in the local angling calendar.

There are several things to discuss on the agenda for the night including fees for 2012/13, Honoraria and the Election of Officers. Roy would obviously like as many clubs represented at the meeting as possible.

The Winter League could well be the only one running if the worrying rumours about the Angling Trust League not going ahead prove to be true.

Fenland Rods

The latest fixture was on the big lake at Kingsland Fishery near Turves. The water is well known for producing some big fish catches and in this match it did just that for several of the anglers taking part.

Kev Lee is a top rod at this kind of fishing and took the field apart even though he found it tough in the early stages.

A switch to a pellet and paste approach close in saw a complete turn a round as fish after fish came to the net. By the final whistle he had taken carp well into double figures to finish with 129lb 9 ½ oz. Runner-up was John Garner, he fished similar tactics weighing in 87lb 8oz followed by Mac Campbell with 64lb 9oz.

This weekend Fenland Rods AC will be fishing the Willows at Decoy Lakes on the early numbers.

Buttonhole Fishery

This fishery is in form, water levels have been low because of the dry winter spell but the fishery is showing signs that all is well after a tremendous week of results.

In the Tuesday evening match Danny Button came out on top with 74lb 6oz of carp all taken on the feeder. The pole and meat approach saw Andrew Carter into second place putting 62lb 12oz to the scales followed by Luis Gonzalez with 58lb 12oz. It got even better for Sunday’s Sensas Open match, Sammy McSpadden taking a cracking 109lb 5oz from peg 21 on the pole with pellet. John Bates came in second with 89lb 10oz of good carp taken on paste followed by Alan Lemon with 68lb 14oz.

Fields End Fishery

This is another water running into good form at Doddington, in a really close match on Tuesday Gus Gausden topped a strong field with 64lb 12oz.

These Tuesday Senior Citizen matches are not that easy to win, most taking part are seasoned anglers on both natural and commercial waters. Gus drew peg 23 and took most of his fish close in on the pole with pellet. Running him close was Albert Hawkins with 62lb followed by Les Palmer with 54lb 4oz.

Headfen Fishery

There are signs that the Snake Pool is gradually running into better form, but we may have to wait a little longer as the wet, windy and cold weather just will not give way to summer-like conditions. Top rod in the latest match was Matt Ayers, the venue regular put a fine 83lb 4oz to the scales, taking his fish on a pole and pellet approach from peg six. Bob Coulson came in second on 39lb 8oz followed by Jimmy Brooks with 31lb 12oz.

This coming weekend Headfen Lakes AC take on JVAC in round two of the Angling Times VDE Knockout event. The match takes place this Sunday, fished at Decoy Lakes on one of the strips at the bottom end of the fishery. It promises to be a tight affair, Headfen have been practicing hard but JVAC are the local lads and know the waters really well.

Ramsey AS match

There was a good turnout, club match secretary Keith Rayment having to use both the Lou’s and Four Island Pools. Top individual with 102lb 14oz was Josh Pace, he took 80lb plus of fish on a pellet feeder fished tight across topping up with carp to 4lb in the margins from peg 12 on Lou’s.

Runner-up was Pete Holland with 98lb 12oz followed by Andrew Rayment on the same lake with 94lb 11oz. The pairs event went to Josh Pace and Terry Mote with a combined 166lb 5oz followed by Andrew Rayment and Malc Shaw with 120lb 15oz.