Rain will freshen up the waterways

With the start of the new fishing season on our Fenland waterways anglers will have been very pleased indeed to have seen the rain at the weekend.

Obviously nowhere near enough but at least it will have freshened things up some what and may even have put a tinge of colour to the water.

I did notice the Twenty Foot Drain was quite high last week, possibly to help the farmers watering crops, but all the same it could well fish very well.

As always weed and lilies are going to make life difficult in some areas but with a little time spent raking out your swim the rewards could be very good indeed.

It would be very nice to see temperatures start to rise again before the grand opening that would make me very confident of some good early season sport.

As usual tench will be the main target for many and the March Twenty Foot will quite possibly be a good starting point.

There are a few noted hot spots but frankly you should be in with a good chance where ever you decide to fish.

The Forty Foot Drain should also get off to a good start, again weed is a real problem, but there are a few clear spots if you don’t fancy raking out.

Best bait will be caster and worm, with red maggot or even sweetcorn a good alternative. Warmer weather should see the skimmers and bream showing too, I am not sure in which areas but if you do come across a length of coloured water I bet you will also have found a bream shoal.

The Old Nene is a renowned winter venue but over the past few years more and more anglers have seen the potential of the venue for some cracking summer fishing too.

Skimmers, bream, tench on the by pass section and rudd too all there for the taking and the good news is that it’s never quite so busy through the early part of the season.

Onto the weekends matches now and I see Andy Adams is still in a fine run of form at Townsend Lakes finishing top on Saturday with 53lb 5oz on the Kingfisher Pool.

Despite the wind and rain Andy also topped the Sunday open match on the Cuckoo Canal Pool from sheltered peg one finishing with 118lb on the pellet.

Alan Owen came in second on 48lb followed by Steve Hillman on 47lb 7oz.  

It was tough going for the Golden Lion anglers on the Kingfisher Pool at Townsend on Sunday, conditions were poor, reflected in the weights.

Out in front with 22lb 5oz was Kev Bridgement, he caught shallow on maggot and also took a couple of barbel late on close in. Runner up was Dave Beeken with 16lb 5oz followed by Tony Bennett with 14lb 3oz.

The clubs next match is on Sunday 26th on the Rook Pool at Pidley.

Fields End Water Doddington is in fine form right now and well worth a visit looking at the most recent results.

In the Tuesday OAP match Ron Crossley came out on top putting 64lb 8oz to the scales taking fish on the feeder and pole.

Harrold Towler came in second with 63lb 4oz followed by Martin Parker with a level 63lb.

The Ship Inn Open match saw Sensas backed Stuart Redman smashing the venue record with a wonderful net of ide all taken on red maggot weighing in 143lb 4oz.

Stuart Naylor came in second with 112lb 12oz flowed by Albert Hawkins with 73lb 10oz.

Tim Dabrowa was a run a way winner in Saturdays match at Headfen Fishery on the Trev’s lake.

He fished a pellet waggler and small feeder to top the field with 74lb 5oz. Second place went to Pete Lambdin on 43lb 3oz followed by Tim Nash on 30lb 3oz.

Sunday was a big day for the Headfen Piscatorial as they fished the Angling Times/VDE Supercup Knock Out semi Final on the Larford Lakes in Worcestershire.

They had a good team out and had even been over to practice so hopes were high of a good result that would see them through to the grand final.

Unfortunately the draw did not favour them and they just missed out, finishing in 8th position but only a few points of getting through. 

I have known some good anglers who put in a consistent performance over the course of a season but at the moment there can be few to match the results

Kevin Lee has recorded over the past two seasons. He did it once again on Sunday topping the Fenland Rods match on the Magpie Lake at Pidley with a fine 122lb, all taken on meat close in. He left the field a long way behind, Matthew Lutkin coming second on 61lb followed by Les Bedford on 56lb 9oz.

This weekend fixtures will see the club on the Six Island Pool at Decoy Lakes

The new season gets underway for the Tydd Gote AC anglers with their first match of the new season on Thursday evening, draw at 5.30pm, at Blackdyke, fishing from 6pm till 9pm. Sundays match is on the same venue draw at 11am.

They are also going to be running Tuesday and Thursday evening matches, all on Blackdyke with the draw at 5.30pm.

The Club book subscriptions have remained the same as last year, £16 for an adult, £9 for a concessionary and £4 for juniors.