Top Field End senior is Mick


Just about every fishery in the area has fished really well, despite the weather turning wet and windy over last weekend most anglers out and about saw some cracking action.

Most feel we are still some way short of seeing the very best action due to the prolonged winter we had this year but the signs are good.

Over at Fields End Water Fishery at Doddington the recent Seniors match saw Mick Atherton topping the leader board with 96lb 2oz. Mick fished red maggot up in the water taking a mixed bag of carp and Ide. It was close at the top, runner-up Tom Mitchell 87lb 4oz, most taken on the feeder, followed by David Smalley with 82lb 8oz.

It’s such a shame the fishery has decided to close its doors to quite a few club matches as from now right through until winter returns the fishing on the Match Lake can, and usually is outstanding. Still thats good news for our many pleasure anglers right across the area as there will be no problem getting to fish the water due to match bookings and you can be sure of some wonderful action, it’s well worth a visit.

Metal Box rods fished another of our in form waters, Townsend Lakes, the Canal Pool has produced some spectacular weights and a little more warm weather and we will also see the other pools hit top form. The club were on the smaller Woodpecker Lake and in the winner’s berth was Jim Allen with 45lb 10oz. Jim fished the method feeder and pole tactics alternating between the two with sweetcorn or meat on the hook. Runner-up on 36lb 14oz was Philip Allen, he fished the pole down the edge on meat. Rodney Melnyk third with 35lb 12oz.

Spratt’s AC fished on the Horseshoe Lake at Decoy for their latest fixture which saw a long overdue win for club regular Mick Ramm. Mick fished pellet and meat close in from peg 1, not the best peg on the lake at this time of year, but he caught steadily all day to finish with 88lb 6oz, catching carp to 5lb. On the opposite side of the lake was Trevor Cousins, he fished the pellet short and also had a few fish on a straight lead approach with meat for 84lb 3oz. Mac Campbell third on 65lb 12oz.

There have been some indifferent weights recorded since the matches started up again at Headfen Fishery but the form of the water has really picked up and at long last we are seeing some huge weights being taken from all around the Snake Lake. You can expect that to continue right through the summer months, yet another fishery well worth a visit.

In the latest Headfen Masters Qualifier Richard Bond topped a strong field, he drew peg 20 and caught from the margins and down the middle in deeper water with pellet and corn for 139lb 8oz. Geoff Arnold came in second from peg 5 with 125lb 2oz, Vic German with 116lb 12oz. If you are looking for some big fish action then surely Buttonhole Fishery must be top of your list right now, with carp running to 20lb plus and lots of doubles showing this water really is capable of some huge weights.

Marc Bradford has certainly got to grips with the fishery right now and has been a consistent performer putting some fine nets of fish to the scales. In a recent match at the fishery he ran out a comfortable winner with 172lb 1oz all taken on a Method feeder.

Runner-up was Mark Grange, he fished a pellet waggler to the island for 130lb 8oz followed by another regular to the water Sammy McSpadden with 111lb 6oz.