Young steals Cuckoo result

Angling. Ricky Young in action, winner on the Townsend Lakes Open at the weekend
Angling. Ricky Young in action, winner on the Townsend Lakes Open at the weekend

Over the past few weeks there have been some very good match results coming from several pools on the Decoy complex, writes Ken Wade.

I doubt there were many better than the latest Spratt’s AC event fished on the Oak Pool.

The top five anglers all put 100lb plus to the scales topped by Trevor Cousins with a magnificent 178lb 5oz taken from peg 9. Trevor concentrated all his efforts in the margins ignoring the long pole and or feeder approach, instead he fished both sides close in feeding and fishing luncheon meat.

It is the bait of choice for all the leading rods at Decoy Lakes right now, the only problem will be if the fine weather continues and the fish start spawning. Mick Raby came a close second, again fishing meat putting 162lb 8oz to the scales. Then came Paul Cousins, yet another angler fishing the margins with meat he finished on 145lb 8oz. I should also mention Peter Spriggs who had 112lb 2oz followed by Mac Campbell with 100lb.

Even though the fish have been spawning at Townsend Lakes all the pools fished really well, like many others I am not keen on seeing spawning fish being caught but thankfully most are not too interested in feeding and there are usually enough fish around willing to feed as opposed to other affairs shall we say!

A very hot weekend at the fishery saw Southery AC on the Woodpecker Pool. Top rod was Alan Feltwell with 98lb 6oz, then came Chris Hall 88lb 12oz followed by R Cook 87lb 11oz.

In the regular weekend open match venue expert Ricky Young took a clear victory. He drew peg 37 on the Cuckoo Pool and put 102lb 10oz to the scales. Ricky opted for a pole and pellet approach, fishing long and also a short pole line to keep the fish coming. Steven Hillman came second, he fished the long pole with sweetcorn to start with, switching to a short line with pellet late on to record 80lb 15oz.

Third place went to John Parr, he fished the pole close in for 79lb 8oz.

It’s not always best policy to fish club matches on a Sunday, particularly on the Decoy complex as its quite possible a match will have been fished the day before on the same pool you will be fishing. It sometimes works in your favour but at this time of year it can also spoil a day’s fishing.

It seems to have happened to Fenland Rods at the weekend, the Decoy Open was fished on Saturday on the Willows which was followed on Sunday by Fenland Rods.

The added problem was that fish were spawning so no fishing was allowed close in.

Top rod was Kevin Lee, he fished the long pole with meat and paste from peg 4, taking a few better fish in the last hour for 66lb 4oz.

Runner-up was Mac Campbell on peg 24, he caught on maggot and luncheon meat for 57lb 15oz, followed by Neil Garner with 54lb 3oz.