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Huge turn-out at King's Lynn Park Run

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The runaway success of Fenland Running Club's "Get Back to Running" scheme reached its climax with a huge turn-out at the Kings Lynn Park Run.

More than 50 runners, many of them first-timers, took part in the regular 5K event and they were encouraged and helped round the course by the club's senior members.

During a free 12-week course in Wisbech, the newcomers steadily built up their stamina and fitness with longer and longer runs.

Fenland Running Club Get Back to Running. (3211259)
Fenland Running Club Get Back to Running. (3211259)

Organisers John Chapman and Gemma Read coached the group up to the point where they could take part in the race.

"I'm so glad I decided to join the beginners' group," said Abi Payne. The club's members were vital, as Julie Peeling explained: "I have been blown away by the encouragement and support from everyone."

At the club's awards evening the same day, chairman Alan Bird thanked everyone for making the scheme so successful.

Personal bests were also achieved by several seasoned runners – Graham Milham, Carol Bowett, Steve Bennington, Rachael Nichols and Christopher Anderson. Star performances also came from Martin Jennings, who came second in 17-23, and Rimvydas Muduras, who was fifth in 18-36. Gemma Rose was fourth lady in 21-16.

Fenland Running Club will hold its annual 10-mile race in October.

Full results: Martin Jennings 2nd 17-23; Rimvydas Muduras 5th 18-36; Graham Milham 6th 18-51 (pb); Lewis Saunders 9th 19-19; Paul Griffin 18th 20-11; David Brammer 20th 20-24; Rod Sinnott 26th 20-36; Richard Agger 28th 20-40; Gemma Rose 44th 21-16; Mark Williams 50th 21-30; Claudia Milburn 51st 21-31; Carol Bowett 58th 21-42 (pb); Steve Bennington 73rd 22-21 (pb); Nicola Jennings 84th 22-47; John Chapman 88th 22-58; Tony Foice-Beard 102nd 23-55; Roger Williams 150th 26-02; Carly Read 173rd 27-01; Julie Garner 181st 27-14; Larissa Follen 191st 27-35; Gemma Read 196th 27-42; Judy Seale 221st 29-17; Cheryl Chapman 224th 29-23; Valerie Robens 249th 30-42; Georgina Synnott 263rd 31-28; Jackie Richards 267th 31-34; Rachael Nichols 270th 31-36 (pb); Aimee Yong 271st 31-37; Mark Welbourne 302nd 33-03; Christopher Anderson 305th 33-24 (pb); Kelly Carter 310th 33-35; Alan Bird 311th 33-36; Sharon Bird 320th 34-06; Wendy Allen 324th 34-09; Rachel Williams 339th 35-52; Toni Coupland 356th 37-38; Samantha Bell 368th 39-21; Sam Riley 369th 39-35; Tracy Loughlin 370th 39-36; Grahame Peacock 285th 50-36.

The 4th race in the Peterborough 5k Grand Prix series took place on the outskirts of Stamford on July 18.

There were 314 participants in total with 13 members from Fenland Running Club taking part.

Martin Jennings (first Fenland male) continued in top form finishing 8th overall, and 1st MV45, in a time of 17:34 with Gemma Rose finishing as the first Fenland female and 107th overall in a time of 22:09.

Rimvydas Mudvras, Gemma Rose, Aaron Petts, Jackie Richards and Adrian Searle all completed this race for the first time.

Other results: Sean Connolly 18:38 (21st overall and 3rd MV45); Rimvydas Mudvras (35th overall) 19:12; Stuart Follen (39th overall) 19:17; Richard Agger (85th overall) 21.28; Aaron Petts (144th overall) 23:49; Jackie Richards (183rd overall and 3rd LV50) 25:30; Jane Greenwood PB(186th overall and 1st LV60); Larissa Follen (218th overall) 26:51; Julie Garner PB (248th overall) 28:32; Adrian Searle(263rd overall) 29:41 and Tracy Veenendaal (298th overall) 32.23.

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