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Fenner finishes second junior

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Sport News from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

March AC were hosts to the January cross country race in the Frostbite Friendly League.

The junior race took place first with over 180 runners completing the 1.5 mile course. Luke Fenner was second overall, only four seconds behind the leader in an outstanding performance.

The Seniors were out in full force and 40 runners completed the 5.25 mile course. First home for the club was Paul Hensby with a time of 33.37.

March AC secured fifth place overall, putting them in a very impressive fourth place in the league table.

Times, Juniors: Luke Fenner 8.40 , 2nd, Hugo Bryant 10.16, 26th, Sean Stacey 10.32, 39th, Kirk Bal 10.36, 41st, Luke Parnell 10.37, 43rd, Alfie McIntyre 11.04, 57th, Brandon Pearce 11.07, 58th, Luke Gardner 11.17,63rd, Andrew Lee 11.19, 64th, Louis Beningfield 11.42, 83rd, Liam Lambert 12.02, 95th, Megan Stacey 12.17, 111th, Sophie Fenner 12.30,120th, Paul Bryant 13.02,137th, Sophie West 13.34, 153rd, Katlyn Baker 13.37 155th, Alex Cartwright 16.03, 181st, Esme McIntyre16.08, 182nd, Bethany Ken 16.12 184th, Chloe Wilson 16.19, 186th, Abigail Ballard 16.20, 187th.

Seniors: Paul Hensby 33.37, 64th, Mick Stacey 34.09, 80th, Simon Render 34.44,91st, Charlie Stevens 34.51 92nd, Wayne Stimson 35.00, 94th,Mark Salmons 35.32, 110th, Debra Wait 35.45, 116th, Tim Boyd 35.47, 117th, Geraldine Larham 36.13, 127th, Karen Patterson 36.30, 131st, Tony Epps 36.32, 132nd, Darren Moat 36.42, 135th, Kevin Barnes 37.43, 160th, Toni Alcaraz 38.05, 171st, Justin Elvidge 38.10, 174th Lynn Summerfield 39.06, 205th, Dave Tuffnail 40.26, 228th, Mark Darlow 40.35, 233rd, Amy Collett 40.47, 237th, Chris Lawrence 40.51, 241st, Wayne Kent 41.12, 246th, Paul Wing 41.24, 250th, Graeme Robertson 42.15 276th, Shaun Donkin 42.51, 290th, Frances Cooke 44.56, 330th, Jordan Lancaster 45.21, 340th, Angela Cumbridge 45.24, 341st, Scott Bywater 47.02, 367th, Tina Lambert 49.04, 386th, Dawn Veal 49.05, 387th, Hugo Plumb 49.30, 391st, Tony Ofero 54.08, 431st, Sarah Lemmon 54.26, 433rd, Nina Markillie 55.42, 439th, Suzanne Muckley 55.43, 440th, Sue Ward 56.12, 444th, Ray Few 56.12, 445th, Chris Amps 56.13, 446th, Mark Oakerbee 56.57, 447th, Pat Brown 1.06.01 456th.

l With 29 members among the finishers, for Fenland Running Club it was the best result of the series so far with coach Gary Bligh first scoring runner home in 33rd.

Full results: Gary Bligh 33rd 32.14; Andrew Plume 54th 33.17; Stuart Follen 72nd 34.01; Tim Chapman 93rd 34.55; Sean Connolly 98th 35.13; Dan Carrington 112th 35.35; Dean Clark 124th 36.07; Clive Harrod 134th 36.37; Colin Simpson 137th 36.54; Nicole Coughlin 145th 37.10; Rod Sinnott 146th 37.11; John Chapman 150th 37.18; Paul Weigand 151st 37.22; Maire Irlam 166th 37.53; Sarah Gauvin 189th 38.35; Ian Milburn 193rd 38.38; Tony Moore 211th 39.31; Ramune Raicheleine 263rd 41.51; Ian King 273rd 42.13; Ann Trett 286th 42.33; Neil Bailey 332nd 44.59; Stacey Webb 334th 45.05; Sue George 374th 47.55; Larissa Follen 375th 48.19; Julie Garner 394th 50.01; Tracy Farr 409th 51.36; Cheryl Chapman 412th 51.56; Rebecca Richardson 426th 53.37; Tracey Howard 438th 55.36.

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