Appleby lets fly

Wisbech town manager Steve Appleby
Wisbech town manager Steve Appleby

STEVE Appleby was more than happy to take a break from Wisbech Town affairs this week after what he has described as the most difficult close season and took a swipe at club website posters before he left for his holiday.

Apart from the search to find new players to boost his squad and the shock move of Paul Cousins to King’s Lynn, Appleby has also tired of the constant bickering on the club’s website by so-called fans who he believes are only undermining the club.

Before departing on holiday at the weekend Appleby, in a very frank interview, commented: “This has been probably the hardest close season I have been involved in. There hasn’t been a day where I haven’t been on the phone or meeting people for one reason or another.

“A lot of it is part and parcel of the job but there has also been the things that have been going on ‘down the road’ with players too.”

Adam Weston has not endeared himself to Appleby either. The midfielder recently agreed to join Deeping but Appleby said: “He texted me at the end of last season to say he would playing for us again next season and then the first I heard of his move to Deeping was when I read it in the Citizen.

“It is not the way to go about things and it is refreshing the way young Simon Ashton handled things by telling Boston first before any agreement was made.”

The continual feuding on the Wisbech Town website has brought a plea from manager Appleby for posters to be more positive about the club and think more before they write.

He complained: “People away from our club going on our website would think the club has massive problems with what is being said sometimes and that is not the case.

“It is time we forgot about what is going on at Lynn and concentrated on being positive about our own club and look to a good future and get behind the club.”

Appleby was particularly put out by rumours that there was a budget for the reserves to pay players this season and he said. “This is just not the case. Darren Edey asked if he could raise some funds to use them how he saw fit, for example a few quid for a drink in the bar, that kind of thing, to help with team spirit. This, in turn, would help the Reserves feel part of one big club and improve the team spirit.

“That is the truth of the matter. It seems players who have been contacted by Darren have seen fit to put it around that they are going to get paid, I can assure you that won’t be the case. What I do endorse is Darren’s way of getting team spirit and getting the lads even closer together. As we all know, having a good team spirit can make the difference when you aren’t perhaps playing well and you can get results you perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise got.

“Last season reserve players drifted off after games and Darren is just keen to get them altogether.”

Darren Edey has been put in sole charge of the reserves but Appleby is keen for Jon Knight, who was assistant manager last season, to be still involved in the club in some way.