Appleby stays with Fenmen

Boss Steve Appleby will stay at Wisbech Town Football Club and the club reiterated its desire to transfer from the Thurlow Nunn Eastern Counties League to the United Counties League, it said in a statement.

The club statement said: “Having chosen to withdraw the application for promotion, the Board of Directors of Wisbech Town Football Club has taken the decision that it would prefer to join the ChromaSport & Trophies United Counties League (UCL) next season (2013-14).

“Whilst this is the choice of the Club, the final decision rests with the Football Association at Wembley which will announce draft League Constitutions in due course, usually before the end of May.

“On that proviso, Steve Appleby and Chris Dear will continue in their roles as Manager and Assistant Manager of Wisbech Town F.C. If, however, the club were to remain in the Thurlow Nunn Eastern Counties League, the situation would be reviewed.”

Speaking after a meeting with the chairman, there was a lengthy statement from manager Steve Appleby, who said: “The easy decision would have been to walk away but I felt as though it is time for a bit of stability and loyalty to be shown, not only to the club itself, but also to the players and supporters of the town.

“I have made a quick decision for the good of the club and the players. The good news that I have is that Chris Dear, who is invaluable to me, and a large majority of players want to stay at the club.

“It’s not been an easy decision because it has taken myself, Chris and the players three-and-a-half seasons to achieve what we have done.

“It’s been a bitter pill to swallow not to take the promotion for myself and the players and probably what hurt more was that we only found out a week before the end of our season.

“However, we have to respect the decision that the Chairman and Board of Directors have made, because it has been made to safeguard the club’s future. I for one want there to be a Wisbech Town in a hundred years’ time; it has always been about the club, not an individual player or manager.

“Twelve of the 17 squad members that we have had told me they are happy here and want to stay, three need time to think things over; and two are moving away from the area.

“I know that until players have signed the appropriate forms that we can all still speculate on what may happen, but what I will say to you is that I trust these lads; they are the most honest bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with and they have never let me or the club down and if they do stay (which they have indicated), they deserve a lot of credit.

“I have been criticised in some quarters for a lack of so-called “local” players in the team but all I have ever done is ensure that whatever players came to this club improved the team and always gave 100% for the club regardless of age or where they happen to live.

“As always I wanted to thank the fans for their continued support that was also very much in evidence on Monday’s Cup Final win and it may just have had a big say in mine and the players’ decision to stay.”