March Town at home to Wisbech Town in the FA Cup - action from the match.The crowd stretched along the street.
March Town at home to Wisbech Town in the FA Cup - action from the match.The crowd stretched along the street.

FA Cup mania took over in March on Saturday as a massive crowd of 1,100 soccer fans converged on the GER ground in Robingoodfellows Lane.

It was billed as the biggest local derby in 30 years and it really caught the local football fans’ imagination.

The game finished in a 1-1 draw with last night’s (Tuesday) replay likely to bring out another big crowd at the Elgood’s Fenland Stadium.

Many pubs in March were crowded out by noon and before the game started the queues outside the turnstiles went down past the Maple Grove junction at one time.

It was even considered putting back the kick-off to make sure the fans could get in the ground to see the action.

There was no one with a bigger smile at the GER on Saturday than March Town chairman Phil White.

March and Wisbech shared £3,000 from the gate money and it truly was a windfall for both clubs plus there was £1,500 for the eventual winners from the FA to come.

It was the biggest crowd March has seen through the turnstiles for almost years when 3,000 turned up for the floodlights to be switched on against Chelsea.

White beamed: “I never thought in my wildest dreams that so many would turn up for the game. I thought about 400-500 but to get over double that was fantastic.

“It has set up for the season and hopefully there is more to come,

“In the end we had to open a third turnstile otherwise we would have to delay the kick off. We sold out of cold drinks and all the programmes had gone by 2.30pm.

“What a marvellous day it was too. It was not just the big crowd but what a great performance from March and we could so nearly have won it.

“Everything has gone off very well with all the fans here and it generated a good atmosphere.

“Hopefully this will wake up the town of March to the fact we have a very good team here and more people will be encouraged to come back and watch us regularly.”

Last season the total attendance at the GER for all their league games was around the 1,500 mark so no wonder they were overjoyed with 1,100 for one game.

The bonus from last night’s replay will be the winners will enjoy another home-tie playing Wroxham in the next round.