Fenmen agree association with Wisbech Acorns

Wisbech Town FC have confirmed that an agreement has been reached with Wisbech Town Acorns Youth Football Club whereby both clubs are formally “in association”.

Over the past 18 months the relationship between the two clubs has really flourished, sharing ideas, skills and use of facilities.

In November 2013 a “proposal team” was setup to discuss and analyse the potential for both clubs to forge closer and stronger ties and work on how they can share knowledge and skills further to enhance the development of youth players right the way through to Aault and give those who have the potential to play at a higher level the platform to do this with full encouragement all the way from representatives from both Clubs.

Kelley Lewis, WTA vice-chairman, said: “From a voluntary grassroots club perspective it was important to us that we could propose something that was very beneficial to both clubs without losing our own identity and independence, especially to not jeopardise our ongoing ethos of providing football and social development of all children regardless of ability.

“Wisbech Town Acorns is not and will never be an academy however that doesn’t stop us from continuing to raise the standards of our club and its volunteers.”

Both clubs will identify and manage players with potential, Wisbech Town FC managers/coaches will be in a position to attend and assist in youth training sessions, attend youth matches and invite select players to join regular club training sessions.

All registered Acorns Youth players will have free passes to attend WTFC games with the younger teams being invited to attend as mascots for the First Team on match days. Having players attending matches and getting in to the spirit and atmosphere at the local stadium can be a real positive.

Another focal point of the agreement is to share knowledge and skills in other areas, the recent launch of a new and improved website for WTFC comes courtesy of Acorns’ Web developer Kelley Lewis. A new ground breaking Smartphone application comes out very soon bringing all information from WTFC and WTA into one place.

WTFC chairman Barry Carter said: “We are really pleased to be associated with Wisbech Town Acorns. They are a club who are really committed to youth football and development. They are well run and organised and I believe we can all benefit from working closer together. We as a club are excited about the future and are looking forward to working together.”

On Saturday, January 25 at Wisbech Town’s home game against Harborough Town there will be an official press day. Volunteers, players and parents will be invited, while Cambs FA will be in attendance. There will be photos of players from U7 up to the first team and mascots before kick-off.