Fenmen wait for FA news

Wisbech Town FC expects the FA to make a decision by the end of the week on which league the club will be competing in next season.

The Fenmen board has already stated that it would prefer to join the ChromaSport & Trophies United Counties League (UCL) in 2013-14 and leave the Thurlow Nunn Eastern Counties League, while declining promotion.

Statements released from the UCL have prompted much speculation over the weekend. However Wisbech Town press officer Spencer Larham said it appears these statements have “jumped the gun”.

Larham said: “I’ve just been told that despite info from utdcos (the UCL’s Twitter feed) no decision on lateral Step 5 movement has been made by the FA.

“The FA are meeting this week to discuss ‘sideways’ movements in Step 5 and we should know by the end of the week which league we’re in.”

He added: “The info the UCL released was just about teams going into the Premier Division.”

Boss Steve Appleby said: “We were led to believe the UCL was welcoming. I have heard nothing official.

“Where the players and I are now: after three and a half years we aren’t going up and the UCL is a new challenge.

“The UCL was almost a saviour. The Thurlow would be very hard to do again.

“That’s what attracted the club to the UCL: less travelling and more local derbies.

“It’s a plan B. That is what has kept the players together.”

The club has already said that if it were to remain in the Thurlow Nunn League, Appleby would review his future.

The UCL at the weekend said that Woodford United, Lutterworth, St Neots Saints and Peterborough Saints would be joining next term but made no mention of Wisbech.

l Wisbech Town FC end of season awards, 1st team Leading Goalscorer: Chris Bacon. Most Improved: Jack Friend. Club Player Award: Tom Roberts. Players’ Player: Jon Fairweather. Manager’s Player: Stacy Cartwright. Supporters’ Player: Chris Bacon. Clubman of The Year: Derek Williams.

U18s Goalscorers: Jack Friend and Toby Freear. Most Improved: Jordi Scott Henson. Players’ Player: George Buckenham. Manager’s Player: Ryan Dennis.