Five subs rule approved for Cambs League

TEAMS in the Cambs League will be able to use all five substitutes next season and bring them on and off as they wish.

The new ruling was given the go ahead at the league’s annual meeting last week for teams in Senior A down to Division 5. The Peterborough League will be voting on it next week and are expected to follow suit.

Premier Division teams in both leagues are not included in the year-long trial which if successful will be extended for another season.

Following this change there will be no limit to the number of times a player can leave and return to the field of play, meaning more squad players will be involved in games on a more regular basis.

Previously teams could could only use three of them and often meant some players did get on the field of play and managers were left with upset players.

Wisbech St Mary will have four teams taking part in the trial and their secretary Martin Holmes said: “This will be very good for grassroots football.

“It means managers can use all five substitutes in a game and that will help keep all the squad happy.”

But not all officials are happy with the change and Doddington’s Jock Bedford quipped: “It will be a bit like American football. I might go on for just the corners and it will be interesting to see how clubs work it.

“The only time we had five substitutes last season was for the cup final.”