Grounds for concern

THERE are grave concerns about the Wisbech Town pitch after a second game in 15 days was called off because of waterlogging on Saturday.

Although there was continual rain on Friday night, Wisbech’s home game against Walsham was the only local match to suffer.

Director Dick Creasey commented: “What we all must remember it has only been seeded and laid for a maximum of one year. Six months of this period we have been playing on this pitch on a regular basis. In an ideal world we would have left the pitch until next season.

“The severity of the winter has not helped in any way.

“Dave Parsons has worked endlessly and long hours and no one should question his ability in doing so.

“At the same time we do accept there is a problem with the pitch, but there may not be a quick fix. When we vertigrated the pitch it seems to be ok for two to three weeks, but once those holes have been refilled the problem returns.

Former chairman Paul Brenchley, who oversaw the new ground in construction, commented: “Twelve months ago there was a foot of snow on an uncultivated field. One of the problems there has not been enough time for root growth.

“There are nine drains across the pitch seven metres apart Then there is pea gravel 200 mil deep. There is also 200 tons of sand in with the top soil to help stop the compaction which always a problem with new pitches.

“Initially it was intended to leave the main pitch for just first team games and play youth game at Outwell and that offer is still there. The Reserves should be playing on the second pitch with no midweek games under lights.”

Last week there were games on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday and a major rethink has to carried out on how much use there should be on the main surface.