Hares aim to solve keeper problem

BRETT Whaley hopes to have found a replacement for goalkeeper Lea Jordan before March Town play their next game against Brightlingsea on November 5.

Simon Allen has played the last two games on loan from Soham Town and has shown an interest in joining the club full-time while Whaley is also looking at another couple of goalkeepers as well.

The March boss said: “The break in the fixtures gives me the chance to sort the goalkeeping problem out.

“Simon has enjoyed playing here and there is a chance he may come, but I have also put in a seven-day approach for Somersham’s Jamie Chamberlain.

“Chamberlain was also at Soham at one time. He is a very good keeper and seems keen to play at a higher level. Hopefully we can attract one of them to join us in the next week.”

Whaley has also signed midfield player Dave Kilby from UCL side Peterborough Northern Star and former Bourne and Holbeach player Guilliano Staffieri also joined last week.

Whaley added: “Dave has plenty of experience and with such a young side we need that sometimes.

“I would also like to sign another striker to replace Andy Wayte.

“We are playing 4-4-2 now and that leaves us with just Ash Brand and Stu Anderson and no real cover.”

Despite reports to the contrary in another local paper, Whaley was also at pains to point out that there was no unreal unrest in the dressing room.

“When you lose a game with a poor performance like we did the previous week there is sure to be some whingeing but it was not a real problem.

“Sometimes in games like that we need to pull together more in situations and we did not always make the best decisions.”

“After winning on Saturday it is in some ways disappointing that you have not got a game this weekend but the break has come at a good time.

“Marc Welcher, Kyle Nolan, Dan Jenkins and Dan Hepworth all have niggling injuries that can be given time to clear up. I will try however to organise a friendly in the next week.”