Long ban is looming

SUNDAY morning footballer Martin Pettit has been banned for 84 days by the Cambs FA after threatening behaviour in a match against March Saracens.

However 42 days of this ban have been suspended and will only be implemented if another charge against him is found proven before December 31 2011.

Pettit, who is also manager of Saturday team Emneth Spartans, was also fined £75 with £5 costs.

Northend’s Richard Hunt was also banned for 35 days and fined £40 for improper conduct and bringing the game into disrepute while Lyndon Woods, who faced a similar charge, was warned to his future conduct.

A fourth Northend player, Sam Kavanagh, was cleared on a of improper conducted and his personal hearing fee returned.

The club were fined £50 and warned to their future conduct and March Saracens must pay £40 for failing to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion.

Manea United have been fined £30 and warned to their future conduct after requesting referee Richard Storey not to send in his sending off report for Ben Fox in their game against Chatteris A.

Fox was banned for three games from last weekend for serious foul play.

Estover Park were warned to their future conduct after being charged with failing to control one of their players who urinated on the field of play.

The committee however thanked the club for the manner in which they carried out their investigation.