March clubs in court battle

TWO March sports clubs are to slug it out in Peterborough County Court later this month after an 18-month long feud.

March Town Football Club are claiming their landlords March GER Sports Club owe them £8,000 in unpaid payments.

The two clubs worked in harmony for many years, but towards the end of 2010 there was a parting of the waves.

Players from March Town were allowed to use the facilities of the GER Club after games and training and visiting clubs too and the GER club handed over a sum of around £160 each week in recognition of their support.

But to abide by the laws governing the premises’ licence, March Town had to have players also paying a joining fee to the GER, otherwise it would put the club’s licence in jeopardy as it is a members club.

It appears the football club were reluctant to pay an £8 membership and the footballers ceased to use the club and the GER withdrew their payments.

A former March Town player said: “It is a shame it has come to a court case as it is something that should have been sorted out a long time ago.”

At the moment players travel into March and use the Cock Inn after games, but a number of away teams have this season left for home straight after the game.

Ridgeons League rules state that teams should be entertained at grounds after the game, but March apparently have dispensation for that at the moment.

March Town still have 14 years left on their lease to the GER and hopefully the court case can bring an end to this feud.