March Town Football Club statement

The following statement has been issued on behalf of the Board of Directors of March Town Football Club:

“March Town Football Club exists to promote, develop and provide playing opportunities for the whole community. The Club belongs to us all, and to develop these aims we need to move towards fully being a community club.

“We are doing this at various levels. We now have 10 teams, six at a junior level and four of senior status. We expect to have a few more teams next season and hope to be accepted as a Charter Standard Club in the near future.

“The key to success is the development of young people, as they are the future. Along with this we need to reach out to involve people in the town so that they can be involved and feel part of their club. Hand in hand with this we need to develop proper facilities which will be for the club and the community.

“We have worked very hard over the past few years to get to where we are now. It has been a rocky path but determination, belief, honesty, integrity and a passion for the club have seen us through.

“So we are now able to begin the development of the facilities:- Starting with the clubhouse, we have arranged a meeting with the Cambridgeshire FA, and have an experienced “Project Manager” on board to handle matters. We will have a new Board member who has vast experience not only in football clubs but also in the business world.

“It is anticipated that the actual work on site will start by the beginning of May and that we will be able to celebrate Christmas in our new home.

“On the financial side a good sum of money was spent in the legal dispute. But we have been prudent and cautious. A substantial balance remains of the legacy from Brian Lake, and it is intended to use this to obtain a new stand to be named ‘The Brian Lake Stand’.

“It is a pity that the present grandstand cannot remain but we will not have the resources to maintain the 90 year old structure that means a lot to so many people. We require modern facilities better suited to today’s world.

“We do have to thank a number of people for their support and encouragement over this difficult period of the past few years – the players, friends and supporters who have been so patient; our sponsors who have remained true; and to the Cambs FA for their great help and support.

“The views and support of everyone will be welcome as we step on to what is truly the brink of a new era. Together we can do it. The future is ours! The future is AMBER!”