Neots quit the league

ST NEOTS Reserves have withdrawn from the Peterborough Premier Division after just nine games in their first season in the competition.

The Hunts club have stated that it is no longer in a position to support a reserve team within the current football structure at the club and yet they have a very big budget for paying their players in the first team.

In the summer it came as a real surprise that St Neots, whose first team won the UCL Premier Division last season, were entering a team in the Peterborough League.

But in truth they had already applied to the Cambs League but were turned away as there was no vacancy.

Saints had played just nine games.

They won their first three games but have since drawn three and lost three.

One Premier club manager believes St Neots only entered the league as a way of getting into the United Counties league.

He told me: “They underestimated the strength of the league and now they do not look like they can win it they have pulled out.

“I do not think they should have ever have been allowed in the league.

“It now leaves an odd number in the league and means one team each week will not have a game.”

Parson Drove were the first to suffer when their scheduled game against St Neots on Saturday was called off.

St Neots can expect a hefty fine from the league for pulling out at this stage of the season.