Premier stars donate kit

tydd U8 FC
tydd U8 FC

Premier League players have donated a new set of football kit to Tydd St. Mary FC Under 8’s as a part of the Premier League Players’ Kit Scheme.

Tydd St Mary FC is one of over 1,000 teams to receive the kits after successfully applying. The Scheme is supported by the squads of all 20 Barclays Premier League clubs to provide U16 clubs, schools and youth organisations in England and Wales with free Nike football kit and equipment. Every Premier League squad donated £25,000 to create a £500,000 fund.

A new application phase is now open and any clubs interested should log on to

Tydd St. Mary are looking for new players for their current teams ages from 6 right through to 9. Contact Carl Wilson on 07909 526563 for more details..