Town in healthy position as Carter returns

BARRY Carter has resumed as Wisbech Town chairman for a third spell and reports the club in a healthy position with no debt.

Carter took over at the recent annual meeting when Paul Brenchley resigned after almost three years in the post.

The last time Carter was in charge, the club were over £300,000 in the red as they waited for the completion of the sale of Fenland Park and faced problems nailing down a site for the new ground.

Carter stated: “We are in a lot better position now. Things have cost a little bit more than we had budgeted for, but we have only two outstanding debts and the money is in place to cover them.

“The plan is to make the most of the facilities we have and we have a lot of bookings leading up to Christmas.

“In the new year we need to try and provide some regular attractions to bring people to the ground such as quiz nights, live bands etc.

“Also we want try and get people to use the lounge during the day for conferences and such like so we can generate as much money as possible.

“We had some very good gates when we first moved to the Tom Wood’s Beer Fenland Stadium and these have now flattened out to 250-300 on Saturdays and those gates will cover the players’ wages etc and we can also make more money in the lounge before and after the game.”

Carter also revealed that they will be working alongside the new Supporters’ Club.

“I have spoken with members and we will make facilities available to them and let them get on with their functions with no interference from us. After all, they will be trying to raise money for the club.”

On the pitch Carter believes the team can finish in the top six by the end of the season.

“We have the quality of players to achieve this and we might have been aiming a little higher but for some inconsistency that has seen us draw eight games already.

“Hopefully we can then keep the players here for next season when we can aim to finish higher.”

Carter is keen to get the floodlights from Outwell and erected on the second pitch at the ground.

He added: “I would like to do it straight away but it would cause a lot of mess at Outwell to dismantle them now with the soft ground.

“But we going to put the bases in place in the meantime at the new ground and hopefully conditions will have improved by the spring to make the switch then.”