Trojans set to lift title

Trojans look set retain the Wisbech TLeague title as they only have the lesser teams left to play in the next five games.

It will however be interesting to see which team will be runners-up, with Eagles fighting to catch newcomers, Pegg Scaffolding who are at present two points ahead of Eagles.

Trojans had a good win over Pegg Scaffolding with Chad Bassett winning his three singles against Martin Skipper and Peter and Richard Pegg. Bassett and Mike Crowson also won the doubles over Skipper and Peter Pegg.

Steve Barrett added another point as did Crowson for Trojans. Richard Pegg was off form this week and wasn’t able to add points to Skipper’s and Peter Pegg’s two points each.

Pegg Scaffolding beat Institute 7-3 to move into second place in the table. It was only by the expertise of Matt Knott, this year’s singles champion, winning his three singles for Institute, that avoided a clean sweep. Both Institute’s junior players Callum Brown and Dale Parnell put in a good performance but couldn’t be expected to win against the strength of Martin Skipper, Peter and Bryan Pegg.

Results: Trojan 6 (S Barrett 1, M Crowson 1.5, C Bassett 3.5), Pegg Scaffolding 4 (M Skipper 2, R Pegg 0, P Pegg 2); Institute Wasps 1 (C Harrod 1, J Timms 0, L Irlam 0), Trojans 9 (J Blyth 3.5, S Barrett 2, C Bassett 3.5); Welney 2 (S Kent 0.5, A Inwood 0, S Mason 1.5), Walton Highway B 8 (G Sheppard 3, A Nicholls 3, M Pack 2); Institute C 3 (K Buck 1.5, L Sleight 1, J Dobson 0.5), Aqua7 (M Bradshaw 3, R Dolan 1, T Furlong 3); Walton Highway A 2 (P Reed 0, M Forth 0, P Munch 2), Eagles 8 (R Mussett 2.5, R Cummins 3.5, S Ely 2); Pegg Scaffolding 7 (M Skipper 2.5, P Pegg 2, B Pegg 2.5), Institute 3 (M Knott 3, C Brown 0, D Parnell 0).