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Grading success at Wisbech Samurai Shotokan Karate School

Grading @ Samurai Shotokan Karate School
Grading @ Samurai Shotokan Karate School

Grading at Wisbech Samurai Shotokan Karate School was held at The Hudson Leisure Centre and presided over by a grading panel from OSKA UK.

Some 33 students gained new grades during the two-hour session with a very good standard achieved across the group as 89 per cent of students achieved a credit or merit pass.

Ten students were attempting their first grading with all being successful and a total of 12 adults took part.

This is particularly good to see as Samurai have seen a big growth in adults joining their Dojo.

Two families achieved grading passes together. The Vyas family mum, dad and son and the Ping family mum, dad and son; and Sarah and Rebecca Norman (mum and daughter), all achieved grading success together.

This has been a growth area for the school, with families training together.

There were two outstanding performances as Lexi Klibaecz put in a top quality display to achieve her 1st Kyu which now puts her with 12 months’ hard work towards her junior black belt.

Riley Allen gained a distinction pass for his 9th Kyu pass.

This is the second distinction that Riley has achieved and the school has only awarded six in the past five years.

Students gaining grades − 12th Kyu: Callum Price, Barnabus Wilson, Albie Miller, Akvile Gafanviciute, Evie Bohanan.

11th Kyu: Tia Mae Condon, Callum Ping, Sarah Norman, Ty Took, Evie Smart, Brayden Skinner. 10th Kyu: Alexander Doughty, Craig Marks, Lawrence Twycross, Vinay Vyas, Deepa Vyas, Keshau Vyas, Rebecca Norman, Sarah McKeiver. 9th Kyu: Riley Allen, Evelyn Doughty, Lorraine Roberts.

8th Kyu: Ashleigh Hildon, Almir Costa, Thien Clare, Ty Taylor, Daniel Klibanecz. 7th Kyu: Keegan Courier. 6th Kyu: Ali Kilinc, Zak Withers, Gabriele Kujaite, Richard Kulbokas. 1st Kyu: Lexi Klibanecz.

Eight students are preparing for Black Belt gradings in November and one of the UK’s top Senseis visits Wisbech Dojo in November: Paul Herbert, Sensei 6th dan.

For class details contact Sensei Steve on 07843 414433/ email sensei@samuraimartialarts.co.uk

Website: www.karatewisbech.co.uk

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