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Wisbech Wizards stay top but Heppenstall loses his magic

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Wisbech Wizards put in a strong performance, to reinforce their position at the top of the Wisbech League.

However, it did not come without a price. David Lemmon played excellently to win in three ends against the previously unbeaten Brett Heppenstall. He also beat Grant Brightey, but could not stop man of the match Alan Ashberry from completing his maximum.

A very close match between Eagles and Wisbech Spartans saw Spartans eventually win the match on the doubles result, where Keith Phillips and Steve Goodale narrowly beat Owen Turner and Richard Mussett in five ends. Spartans’ Keith Phillips was in excellent form for his maximum, including a noteworthy four end win over Owen Turner. David Hughes put up quite a fight, but eventually conceded to Jim Bell 11-9 in the fifth.

Pegg Scaffolding welcomed back Lewis Watson against Stingers, for his first match since January, but it was Jack Mason who was star of the show. He dropped only one end to Paul Reed for his maximum. Support came from Peter Pegg with two. Meanwhile Igors Scekalevs replied with two for Stingers, before The Scaffolders completed their victory with a five end double win.

The Inbetweeners had Derek Kiddle (with a man of the match display) and Chad Bassett in great form against Warlords. Only Guntars Briedis could stem the tide of wins for the home side by beating Mark Woodall, who also had two very good wins over Kevin Buck and Peter Munch, to complete a convincing victory for the home side.

Ramblers hosted Batmen. This was a match where the score didn’t tell the whole story. Although all three Batmen and especially Vaughan Parker took maximums, Ramblers made them fight hard for their victory. Carol Parker, especially, played very well. Ramblers reward for their endeavours, didn’t come until the doubles match, but they grasped this opportunity with both hands and the Parker/Spinks combo came through in five ends for a well deserved point.


Eagles 4 - R Mussett (1), J Bell (1), O Turner (2), Owen Mussett/Turner (0)

Wisbech Spartans 6 - D Hughes (0), K Phillips (3), S Goodale (2), Phillips/Goodale (1)

Pegg Scaffolding 7 - J Mason (3), P Pegg (2), L Watson (1), Mason/Pegg (1)

Stingers 3 - P Reed (0), I Scekalevs (2), C Gay (1), Reed/Scekalevs (0)

The Inbetweeners 9 - C Bassett (3), D Kiddle (3), Mark Woodall (2), Bassett/Woodall (1)

Warlords 1 - P Munch (0), G Briedis (1), K Buck (0), Briedis/Buck (0)

Wisbech Wizards 8 - B Heppenstall (2), A Ashberry (3), Grant Brightey (2), Heppenstall/Ashberry (1)

Trojans 2 - D Lemmon (2), Steve Mason (0), Ds John Blyth (0), Lemmon/Mason (0)

Ramblers 1 - C Parker (0), D Richardson (0), M Spinks (0), Parker/Spinks (1)

Batmen 9 - M Littlechild (3), V Parker (3), M Forth (3), Littlechild/Parker (0)

Report on Annual Championship in next week’s Fenland Citizen.

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