Injury woe for skipper

CHRIS Ringham may have bowled his last ball this season after his finger injury looks to be more extensive than first thought.

The March Town Cricket Club skipper was expecting to be out for four weeks with a broken little finger, but further tests have revealed that he has snapped a tendon in the finger.

A disappointed Ringham said: “It is not good. The snapped tendon means I will have the finger in a splint for eight weeks and I might have to have the finger broken again. I could be looking at 12-15 weeks out which will take it to the end of the season.

“The problem was the finger got hit twice. It is very disappointing for it to come at such an early stage of the season especially with the derby game against Wisbech this week which I always look forward to playing in.

“I am not the best of spectators but I will just have to get used to it now.”

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