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Kingfishers hit 50 years

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The Chatteris Kingfishers held their annual presentation evening on Friday and celebrated 50 years since the formation of the club.

They announced their 2015 club captains, who will be: Senior Boys: Mark Thompson, Senior Girls: Kathleen Loveridge, Junior Boys: Finley Harper, vice-captain: Tyler Thomas, Junior girls: Megan Dawson, vice-captain: Hallie White.

Trophies went to: Riley Astley, Most Improved Junior Boy, Liam Oliver, Most Improved Senior Boy Megan Dawson / Amy Cooper, Most Improved Junior Girl, Chloe Hewick, Most Improved Senior Girl, Thomas Hanley, Junior Boys Endeavour, Mark Thompson, Senior Boys Endeavour, Melissa Ablett, Junior Girls Endeavour, Vicky Allen, Senior Girls Endeavour, Tyler Thomas, Coach’s Award.

The Newmarket Open Meet on Sunday proved to be successful for 19 swimmers who amassed 14 gold, 12 silver and five bronze medals, as well as 21 fourth to sixth places and 45 personal bests for the fourth best overall club.

Tyler Thomas (12) was the golden boy, winning all nine of his races, club records in the 50m backstroke and 200m front crawl and achieving regional times in all but the 50m butterfly, with six PBs.

Further gold medals: Liam Oliver (16) in 100m front crawl (f/c) (PB), 50m butterfly and 50m f/c (PB), Chloe Cook (9) 200m f/c (PB) and Hallie White (10) 50m butterfly.

Silver: Chloe Cook 50m butterfly, 200 I.M (PB), 50m backstroke and 100 I.M., Jake Hoy (13) 100m breaststroke (PB), Daniel Allen (11) 50m butterfly, Liam Oliver on 50m backstroke, Hallie White 50m f/c (PB), Finley Harper (12) 50m breaststroke (PB and regional qualifying time), 100 I.M.(PB) and 50m f/c and Matthijs Nooteboom (18) 100m backstroke and 200m f/c.

Bronze: Thomas Hanley (10) 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly (both PB), Chloe Cook 50m f/c (PB), Megan Dawson (12) 200 I.M. (PB) and Matthijs Nooteboom 100m butterfly.

Further PB times by: Megan Dawson 50m f/c, butterfly and breaststroke and 100m f/c, I..M. and breaststroke, Naomi Lambert di Marco (11) 50m f/c, backstroke and butterfly and 100m I.M., Jake Hoy 50m backstroke and 100m f/c, Riley Astley (10) 100m I.M. and 200m f/c, Kiara Kovacs (10) 50m f/c and butterfly, Hallie White and Maisie Harper (10) 200m f/c and Daniel Allen 100m f/c. Anastassja Herdien (9) 50m backstroke and 200m f/c, Kiera Simpson 100m I.M. Liam Hill (13) 100m f/c, Amy Cooper (10) 100m I.M. Also swimming: Melissa Ablett (10).

l On the same day Mark Thompson (25) swam at Luton in the East Region Winter championships where he achieved PB’s 50m and 200m backstroke, as well as swimming the 100m f/c.

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