Alan’s triple success is crucial for Walton

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Eagles had a difficult handicap to cope with in the Wisbech Table Tennis League Parker Shield, needing to make up 114 points over nine games.

Six of the nine games went as expected in their favour but it was the three games of Walton Highway B player Alan Nicholls which turned the match as he won 42-34 against Steve Ely, 42-30 against Owen Turner and then 42-23 against Richard Mussett and gave Walton an extra 50 points to win the match by 49 points.

Institute C team of Kevin Buck, Les Sleight and George Norman had handicap points of 228 against Welney’s team Steve Mason, Ashley Inwood and Steve Kent with 207 points. With not much in it the games were fairly evenly won.

It was down to the difference between Inwood’s games against Norman who won 42-20 and then the game against Buck who won 42-31. These wins were enough to swing he game giving Institute ‘C a win by 9 points.

Aqua’s team of Mike Bradshaw, Andy Bayes and Ray Dolan had a handicap of 198 against that of Institute’s team Dale Parnell, Chris Gay, and Callum Brown 180.

It was going to be a close match. As expected Gay won his 3 games contributing a difference of 61 points.

What turned the match was the game of Junior Dale Parnell against that of Dolan.

Against the odds Parnell won the game 42-34, whereas it should have been the other way round. This was to clinch the match for Institute by six points.

Parker Shield Handicap results: Eagles 358 (R Mussett 9, S Ely 12, O Turner 9), Walton Highway B 407 (G Sheppard 57, A Nicholls 0, D Hughes 87); Institute C 557 (K Buck 63, L Sleight 90, G Norman 75); Welney 548 (S Mason 57, A Inwood 81, S Kent 69); Aqua 507 (M Bradshaw 60, A Bayes 69, R Dolan 69), Institute 513 (D Parnell 75, C Gay 6, C Brown 99).

Institute C played their outstanding league match against Pegg Scaffolding’s team of Martin Skipper, Peter and Richard Pegg.

It was only Kevin Buck who showed any resistance pulling off a good win against Peter Pegg over 4 ends and thus avoided a whitewash.

Walton Highway B team of Steve Goodale, Nick and Matt Pack played Aqua‘s team of Mike Bradshaw, Ray Dolan and Andy Bayes.

True to form Goodale won his 3 singles and then teamed up with Matt Pack to win the doubles against Bradshaw and Bayes in a close 5 ender.

This game was the difference between a draw or a win.

Man of the match and making the difference to Walton’s score line was junior Matt Pack with his wins over Bayes in a four-ender and then over Dolan in three.

It could have been 8-2 but unfortunately Nick Pack wasn’t able to pull of his wins against Dolan and Bayes losing both games in the fif5th end.

League results: Pegg Scaffolding 9 (M Skipper 3.5, P Pegg 2, R Pegg 3.5), Institute C 1 (G Norman 0, K Buck 1, J Dobson 0); Walton Highway B 6 (S Goodale 3.5, N Pack 0, M Pack 2.5), Aqua 4 (M Bradshaw 2, R Dolan 1, A Bayes 1).