Another good performance as 35 personal best times set

Wisbech Swimming Club took part in the second day of the County Championships at Peterborough at the weekend.

The young swimmers put in a good performance for the second week running against some of the larger clubs in the county.

A total of 35 personal best times were achieved from 65 swims. Regional qualifying times were achieved by Dannii Rayner (3), Hannah Brown (2), Ollie Newton and Jack Lane. Club records were broken by Jack Lane (2), Ollie Newton (2) and Hannah Brown (2).

Results, gold: Hannah Brown, Ollie Newton, Dannii Rayner; silver: Jack Lane (4), Hannah Brown, Ollie Newton, Dannii Rayner; bronze: Jack Lane, Oliver Harris, Hannah Brown, Kate Newton.

Age Group Finals: Will Pentelow 2nd (silver medal) boys 10 & under 50m breast stroke. Beth Dennis 5th girls 10 & under 100m backstroke.

Jack Lane 4th boys 12 & under 100m breaststroke; 6th boys 12 & under 50m breaststroke. Hannah Brown 3rd (bronze medal) girls 14 & under 100m backstroke; 3rd (bronze) girls 14 & under 50m backstroke. Dannii Rayner 2nd (silver) girls 16 & under 100m backstroke.

Wisbech hope to continue their fine form on the final day in Cambridge on Sunday.

l Despite some tough competition, Wisbech put in a good performance on day one with 38 PBs from 62 events.

Regional qualifying times: Ollie Newton (5), Jack Lane (3) and Dannii Rayner (2).

Club records: Jack Lane (4) Carl Purvey (1) Phoebe Gallagher, Ollie Newton, Robson Pack and Dannii Rayner

County Championship debuts: Will Pentelow, Tom Barlow, Megan Kierman & Charlie Bourne and all achieved PBs.

Gold: Jack Lane. Silver: Dannii Rayner (2) Jack Lane, Phoebe Gallagher, Ollie Newton, Robson Pack. Bronze: Ollie Newton (2) Jack Lane (2) Danii Rayner, Beth Dennis, Hannah Brown, Robson Pack,

Under 10 Finals: Beth Dennis bronze, Megan Kierman 4th, Jess Rayner 5th, Charlie Bourne 5th. Under 14 Finals: Ollie Newton two 6th places. Under 16 Finals: Dannii Rayner two 5th places.