Ashby beats pain barrier

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WISBECH Cycling Club’s first of the midsummer evening 15-mile events saw top veteran Paul Ashby still able to beat the rest despite a tumble he took in an off-road event. He ignored the twinges for a time of 34.36; second was David Jakeman with 34.57, and skater Mike MacInerney third in 35.55.

Wisbech lady veteran, Denese Hallahan, had four races in six days, with 48.04 in the 15-miler, 28.16 in a 10-mile race, rode strongly on Saturday in high winds to record 27.42. Sunday was a race too far, once again into a block headwind and her 1.22.25 was a testament to tired legs in the EDCA Championship “25” on the Wisbech course.

Fellow Wisbech lady veteran, Elaine Roesner, took the ladies title in 1.15.58, while the overall honours in the men’s event went to Daniel Bloy of King’s Lynn CC in 54.12, beating reigning champion, Peter Balls of West Suffolk Wheelers into second place with 54.33.

Results in detail: 15 miles – Ladies, E Roesner (vet) 44.38, D Hallahan (vet) 48.04; Men, P Ashby (vet) 34.36, D Jakeman 34.57, M MacInerney 35.56, D McClure 36,09, M McClure 36.56, J Kiernan 36.58, S Emmett 37.25, A Jenkins 38.04, J McClure (jun) 38.46, A Ward (vet) 39.20, K Belding 39.52, S Butriss (vet) 39.55, P Nobbs 44.05, R Parker (vet) 46.00.

Sunday’s 25 miles – Ladies, E Roesner 1.15.58, D Hallahan 1.22.25 (both vets); Men, R Eve 59.54, B Taylor (vet, A Velo) 1.2.18, S Emmett 1.2.33, A Whiting (vet) 1.2.38, A Ward (vet) 1.6.48, A Bean 1,8,59, P Nobbs 1.17.05.