Baxter hook beats home boxer

Dean Baxter.
Dean Baxter.

Dean Baxter (15) of Chatteris Amateur Boxing Club travelled to Barnsley and beat Cole Ledger (15) who boxed on his home show.

Baxter started slowly in the first round but then came on strong, landing some good body shots to slow his opponent down. In the second Baxter landed both body and head shots to secure the round and in the third, he won strong and comfortably. Baxter landed a massive right hook which landed flush on Cole’s chin, sending him through the ropes onto his two trainers.

After they pushed him back in he survived the final 10 seconds of the fight. Baxter won on a unanimous decision.

Paul Gill, coach, said: “In 30 years of boxing, it’s one of the best punches I has ever seen. I look forward to seeing Dean in the Junior ABA’s.”

An open air show is being planned for June 21 at Chatteris Football Club, more details to follow.