Becky’s course record in Fenland medal haul

FENLAND Running Club had one of its most successful days ever with a huge collection of trophies and medals from the Thorney 10K and some excellent performances at the Oakley 20 mile race in advance of the London Marathon.

Becky Cousins set a new course record for women at the Thorney race, with a personal best of 38-06, a reward for efforts to improve her short course performances. Andrew Jakeman finished second overall, with Jack Trow fourth and Robin Parker eighth to take the men’s team prize.

The ladies also took the team prize with Lisa Jermey and Mel Murdoch following Becky home. Robin Parker was first in his class, and personal bests were recorded by seven of the 13 who took part.

At Oakley, some final preparation was put into marathon training for Richard Dix, Andre Pittock and Paul Arnold all of whom now have just three weeks to go. Dan Wate put in a strong performance over the undulating route with Darren Jackson not far behind.

Tim Chapman led the group home, which prepares him well for the race around Coniston Lake in a fortnight. From 1100 entries, just 796 runners completed the difficult course – so a special mention also for Adam Oakes, Maria Walker, Tracey Veenendaal and Julie Garner.

Thorney summary: Andrew Jakeman (2nd) 34:01, Jack Trow (4th) PB 34:52, Robin Parker (8th) 35:54, Rebecca Cousins (17th) PB 38:06, Ady Martin (22nd) 39:09, Paul Wiegand (33rd) PB 41:15, Lisa Jermey (48th) PB 42:55, David Webster (54th) PB 43:50, Melanie Murdoch (60th) PB 44:09, Dave Hood (124th) 50:00, Cheryl Chapman (132nd) PB 50:34, Jane Greenwood (177th) 54:28 and Ellen Drew-Beck 55:00.

Oakley summary: Tim Chapman 94th, 2:21-40; Richard Dix 131st, 2:29-25; Andre Pittock 184th, 2:36-07; Paul Arnold 185th, 2:36-07; Dan Wate 99th, 2:36-35; Darren Jackson 256th, 2:41-37; Adam Oakes 515th, 3:03-36; Maria Walker 580th, 3:09-31; Tracey Veenendaal 728th, 3:34-11; Julie Garner 743rd, 3:38-34.