Begin with away defeat

North Cambs EBF played Lincolnshire away and had a bad start to their outdoor season losing both their Adams and Newton games despite some close games. National EBF president Mick Warriner attended both games and presented pens to all players.

Results: Adams at Burton House BC Boston lost 133 to 187 shots: P Bennett, A Garlick, I Lawson 23, Lincs 25; P Porter, C Waterson, J Fox 23, Lincs 25; R Croxford, S Engledow, R Jackson 26, Lincs 32; J Chambers, K Bellamy, R Allen 23, Lincs 35; E Clarke, D Dawson, J Ivatt 21, Lincs 36; C Wright, K Beavis, P Butcher 17, Lincs 34.

Newton at Castle BC Spalding, lost 124 to 199 shots: L Tyler, R Blackmore, B Plater 15, Lincs 45; R Barr, A Clarke, D Turner 25, Lincs 30; A Hailes, S Dunne, F Howard 20, Lincs 31; A Gower, J Gowler, D Thorpe 20, Lincs 25; B Crilly, J Bennett, S Smith 24, Lincs 31; P Cross, A Overton, L Smith 20, Lincs 37.

North Cambs’ next game will be at home to Suffolk with Adams at March Town BC and Newton at St Lawrence BC on Saturday.