Biggest ever event

Strongman event, Wisbech Ironworks group
Strongman event, Wisbech Ironworks group

The sixth annual Ironworks Strongman Wisbech event was held on Sunday.

There were eight events: incline log press (the biggest lift was 150kg for 3 reps), pullups in a minute (35), viking press (170 kg for 3 reps), dips (60 in 1 minute), stone lift, squat thrust (52 in 1 min), zercher squat (205kg) and situps in 1 min (46).

There were 23 competitors.

Results, under 18 winners: 1 Louis Hite, 2 Josh Cheetham, 3 Jordan Cookland/Harry Newman. Men’s top 3: 1 Martyn Staines, 2 Matt Vinn, 3 Matt Monk.

“It just keeps getting bigger each year with around 100 people coming to watch,” said Martin Green, Ironworks gym owner.

Competitors are pictured.