Bishops’ winning move

On Saturday six members of March Town Flying Club sent 69 birds to Newton Aycliffe; they were liberated at 12.05 in a north west wind.

After flying for approx 156 miles the winning bird was clocked in by M Bishop & Son at 14.47 giving a velocity of 1702.

The winning bird was a two-year-old blue schaerlacken cock and was sent to the race chasing his hen and wins the Newton Aycliffe trophy.

1, 3 M Bishop & Son velocity 1702, 1668; 2 Mr & Mrs D Vallance 1672; 4, 5 Mr & Mrs T Oldfield 1660, 1572; 6, 7 F C Skoulding & Son 1505, 1496; 8, 9 D Taylor 1496, 1423; 10, 11 Mr & Mrs D Driver & Sons 1316, 1191.

Wisbech & District SRFC

The lofts of Steve Surrey are really on top form winning the latest race from Bedhamton when 12 members entered 247 birds. Released at 9.30am and Steve’s winning bird, a Leo Van Rijn covered the 135 miles in 3 hours 4 minutes for a speed of 1297 ypm.

This top performer has already got a string of diplomas including two second Fen South Road Federation; 2nd and 3rd Alan Maile with two birds bred by top national specialist, Frank Bristow on 1264 and 1262. Fourth Willy & Cathy Beckett of Emneth with a yearling hen out of Brian Sayers, Up North Combine winner on 1261. Steve, Surrey took the last of the diplomas on a 1259 and 1248 ypm.

Other fanciers’ first birds: Terry Roughton 1244. Mick & Daley Godfrey 1239.6, Stewart McCurry 1239.0, George & Chris Trundle & G/Son 1228, Shawn & Lisa Bowles 1224, Rick Cleverley 1221, Jimmy Thompson 1213, Joe Sawyckyj 1165, (wooden spoon) Mick Plowman 946. Surrey won the single bird Nomination prize with his first bird.