Bremner helps hosts March runners to second Frostbite League spot

MFCP 14.1.18

March AC were out on a Frostbite Friendly League cross country mission on Sunday.

Being hosts to the latest race, not only was the event a huge success with 449 seniors from all over the county and 131 juniors but March runners pulled out all the stops and were second club out of 16 on the day.

MFCP 14.1.18

With the first seven men and three ladies to count for the scoring March had all 10 of their runners home in the top 100. Top senior for the men was Billy Bremner leading the club and securing 9th place with a time of 29 minutes 13 seconds. Top lady was Emma Tuck 55th place and 4th lady overall with a time of 32.11. This result has moved the club up in the league to 8th position out of 16.

The Juniors secured 8th place on the day with Louis Benningfield leading the pack and crossing the line in 9 minutes 20 seconds, 11th overall. A big thank you to all of the club members and friends who helped on the day from marshalling, catering and setting up the course.

Times − Seniors: Billy Bremner 29.13 (9th), Gary Ashby 31.16 (33rd), Louis Fairfax 31.44 (46th), Emma Tuck 32.11 (55th), Toni Alcaraz 32.41 (68th), Mick Stacey 33.00 (74th), Mike Boxhall 33.50 (85th), Wayne Stimson 33.53 (86th), Andrew Larham 34.02 (91st), Geraldine Larham 34.14 (98th), Mark Salmons 34.31 (108th), Justin Showell 34.47 (114th), Daniel Barber 35.07 (121st), Jason Mottram 35.30 (133rd), Darren Moat 35.57 (147th), Andrew Wool 36.15 (153rd), Rhys Davies 36.18 (154th), Sean Stacey 37.03 (174th), Todd Robertson 37.14 (179th), Clyde Stratton 37.18 (182nd), Hugh Harris 37.44 (191st), Simon Render 37.55 (195th), Tom Orr 38.53 (225th), Alan Brown 39.21 (231st), Tina Lambert 39.50 (241st), Jon Long 40.13 (249th), Andrew Fovarg 41.50 (285th), Lesley Wright 42.29 (295th), Abi Jeeves 43.43 (315th), Graeme Robertson 44.33 (326th), Agnese Josta 44.42 (328th), Scott Bywater 45.09 (332nd), Graeme Dedman 46.01 (343rd), Bill Swadling 46.20 (351st), Kathryn Brand 48.34 (382nd), Kay Dedman 50.53 (398th), Debra Watts 51.42 (405th), Nicky Markillie 52.22 (414th), Megan Ayling 1.09.56 (448th), Fay Scrivener 1.09.57 (449th). Juniors: Louis Benningfield 9.20 (11th), Eddie Boxhall 10.45 (50th), Matthew Gardner 10.48 (54th), Harry Cook 10.53 (55th), Archie Wilkinson 11.11 (67th), Oliver Harding 11.13 (69th), Harry Hiskett 11.54 (84th), Serge Lambert 12.25 (97th), Edie Elkinson 12.42 (110th), Ella Lyons 13.12 (115th), Alex Cartwright 13.55 (120th), Maddy Boxhall 14.59 (127th).

Fenland Running Club were out in force for this race. In a field of 449 finishers, FRC had 23 members who enjoyed the great weather conditions and “a good to soft” surface.

MFCP 14.1.18

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Lewis Saunders was first man home for FRC in 19th place with a time of 30:02 and Sarah Gauvin was first lady home for FRC in 190th place with a time of 37:42.

Full results: Lewis Saunders 19th 30.02; Sean Connolly 34th 31.18; Stuart Follen 52nd 32:09; Graham Millham 70th 32:56; Paul Griffin 80th 33:24; Rod Sinnott 81st 33:27; Richard Agger 136th 35:33; Tim Chapman 150th 36:03; Sarah Gauvin 190th 37.42; Ian Milburn 242nd 39:53; Tony Foice-Beard 253rd 40:19(PB); Ian King 269th 40:44; Alan Bird 272nd 41:07; Jane Greenwood 299th 42:38; Derick Barsby 316th 44:01; Larrisa Follen 321st 44:17; Carly Read 323rd 44:22(PB); Gemma Read 354th 46:52; Hannah Ryan 360th 47:06; Gilly Anderson 361st 47:07(PB); Cheryl Chapman 385th 48:48; Rebecca Richardson 393rd 49:52; Sarah Rippon 402nd 51:16.

MFCP 14.1.18

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