Brilliant March and Doddington bowlers head to national finals

The Cambridgeshire Short Mat Bowls Association on behalf of the English Association held the qualifying Pairs and Triple rounds of E.S.M.B.A. 2016/17 National Championships at the March Indoor Bowls Club on Saturday.

The winners in both of the bowling disciplines qualify to play in the E.S.M.B.A. National Finals at Melton Mowbray I.B.C. next April.

Pairs: Eight pairs split into two groups of four played three round robin rounds of nine ends.

L. White (Doddington & R. Cooper (Doddington) L 5-9 L 3-8 D 8-8. J. Peters (Doddington) & R. Elmore (Doddington) W 9-5 W 13-5 D 8-8. R. Bonello (G.E.R.) & J. Thorpe (G.E.R.) W 12-9 L 5 -13 D 8-8. J. Russell (Sutton St Edmund) & G. Russell (Sutton St Edmund) L 9-12 W 8-3 D 8-8. J. Fox (Doddington) & R. Fox (Doddington) L 5-9 W 15-4 L 7-9. D. Butcher (Doddington) & J. Charter (Fen Drayton) W 9-5 L 6-8 W 9-6. T. Hart (Doddington) & C. Buck (B.R.A.Z.A.) L 6-8 W 8-6 W 9-7. R. Payne (Doddington) & T. Croucher (Doddington) W 8-6 L 4-15 L 6-9.

The winning Pair Group 1: J. Peters & R. Elmore 5 points +12 shots. Runners-up J. Russell & G. Russell 3 points +12 shots. Group 2: D. Butcher & J. Charter 4 points +5 shots. Runners-up T. Hart & C. Buck 4 points +2 shots. Semi-Finals: J. Peters & R. Elmore 4 shots v T. Hart & C. Buck 8 shots; D. Butcher & J. Charter 7 shots v J. Russell & G. Russell 5 shots. Final: D. Butcher & J. Charter 10 shots v T. Hart & C. Buck 8 shots.

Doreen Butcher and Josie Charter will represent Cambridgeshire in the National Pairs Final in April 2017.

Triples: Four triples played three round robin rounds of eight ends. J. Bridgestock (B.R.A.Z.A.), J. Charter (Fen Drayton) & C. Buck (B.R.A.Z.A.) L 5-6 L 3-12 L 3-8. D. Butcher (Doddington), J. Fox (Doddington) & R. Fox (Doddington) W 6-5 W 10-4 L 2-11. L. White (Doddington), R. Cooper (Doddington) & J. Peters (Doddington) D 6-6 L 4-10 W 8-3. R. Bonello (G.E.R.), J. Thorpe (G.E.R.) & G. Siggee (B.R.A.Z.A.) D 6-6 W 12-3 W 11-2. The winning triple of Rob Bonello, Jayne Thorpe and Gwen Siggee will go forward to the National Triples Final in April 2017.

The county association congratulates the winners and thanks all the players for competing.