Cambs fail to find form

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North Cambs have played their first home county game of the season against Lincolnshire but did not play as well as against Hunts, with both the Adams and Newton teams losing.

The Adams team, playing at March Town BC, won three rinks but lost the overall aggregate shots 155-195 which resulted in North Cambs losing the game overall 6-16.

Adams Team result: P Bennett, E Clarke, J Fox 34, Lincs 31; B Atkins, K Bellamy, M Hartopp 28, Lincs 26; J Hines, R Jackson, C Scotcher 30, Lincs 29; J Chambers, E Dilnot, R Allen 21, Lincs 30; D Stanton, J Ivatt, I Lawson 24, Lincs 27; D Thorpe, K Beavis, R Daw 18, Lincs 52.

Newton team at Tilney St Lawrence BC lost 2-22pts, 130-175 shots. A Hailes, P Cross, D Turner 29, Lincs 18; H Reeve, A Overton, K Cole 21, Lincs 22; B Fletcher, B Plater, D Mann 23, Lincs 32; D West, D Ralf, A Jealous 18, Lincs 35; T Featherstone, H Reed, A Wright 18, Lincs 32; McCallipfe, L Smith, F Howard 21, Lincs 36.

The next game is on Saturday away at Suffolk with Adams at Ipswich & District BC, IP4 4JU and Newton at Margaret Catchpole BC, IP3 0PJ.

North Cambs lady bowlers beat North Essex in their first game of the season. Both the Donald Steward and the Silver Vase teams had good wins. Donald Steward played at Sudbury and Silver Vase at Castle Hedingham.

Donald Steward: S Chandler, J Clifton, S Wortley 35, P Mizon 9; J Warren, J Goebells, C Gollands 17, S Smith 31; M Hunt, J Chilton, M Waterson 25, O Payne 20; A Halsey, J Jolley, J Anderson 23, E Theobold 18; D Wright, N West, J Mitchell 20, G Bush 23; L Quibell, J Hearle, D Rippin 18, M Thompson 25. North Cambs 138, Essex 126 (16-6pts).

Silver Vase: T Bennett, L Johnson, L Humphreys 20, G Cutts 26; R Dack, J Bellamy, P Thorpe 24, J Cleaver 23; J Scott, B Marney, H Chapman 19, A Baker 20; P Adams, P Batchelor, J Hailes 23, B Jay 20; V MacCauliffe, B Reeve, E Philips 24, A Hardwick 26; L Stanton, W Featherstone, L Clare 27, J Ashton 18. North Cambs 137, Essex 133 (16-6pts).