Carl beats time

A group of swimmers from Wisbech Swimming Club were fourth in Round 1 of the Junior Fenland League in Boston at the weekend with 107 points.

The hosts, Boston, won the first round with 172 points.

Personal best times: Carl Purvey (2), Charlie Loates (2), Will Pentelow, Charlie Bourne, Megan Kierman, Ollie Harris, Alice Dennis, Emily Thomas (2), Alex Gallagher, Ben Knowles, Harriet Rawson (2), Bryony Pack. Carl Purvey beat the cut off time for the 4 x 25m boys Individual Medley with 1.28:83.

Bryony Pack, Charlie Loates, Emily Thomas, Alex Gallager, Ben Knowles & Harriet Rawson all made their debuts.

1st places: Charlie Loates, Charlie Bourne, Megan Kierman.

2nd: Will Pentelow, Carl Purvey (2), Megan Kierman, Jacob Rhodes, Charlie Loates,

Jess Rayner.

3rd: Will Pentelow (2), Ollie Harris (3), Beth Dennis (3), Jacob Rhodes (2), Alice

Dennis, Emily Thomas.

4th: Alice Dennis (4), Tom Barlow (2), Jess Rayner, Jack Lane, Alex Gallagher, Ben

Knowles, Harriet Rawson, Billy Wilkshire, Beth Dennis, Bryony Pack, Emily Thomas

5th: Jess Rayer (2), Harriet Rawson, Molly Trevor, Squadron 8x25m Freestyle Relay