Close game

North Cambs competitors had mixed fortunes during the National EBF & EWBF indoor finals at Newark IBC with only one team reaching a semi-final.

Highlight of the week was the performance of the Eversley Team which lost to Derbyshire in a very closely fought final by only 4 shots.

Results: Eversley Trophy Team 86 v Derbyshire 90 - S Engledow, N Eagle, R Jackson 33, Derbyshire 13 (winning rink); D Stanton, J Chambers, R Allen 23, Derbyshire 23; D Dawson, J Hines, N Carter 14, Derbyshire 22; F Howard, E Clarke, J Fox 16, Derbyshire 32.

Mixed Rinks: C. Wadlow, R Allen (sub), R. Jackson won 19-8 Suffolk, won 20-14 North Essex, semi-final lost 13-24 Norfolk Champions. Mixed Pairs: L. Quibell, F. Howard won 21-8 Suffolk, lost 17-12 Humberside Championship runners-up.

Men’s Senior Singles: D. Turner lost 10-22 Humberside. Men’s Singles: J. Hines won 21-15 Northants, lost 8-21 Norfolk. U/25 Singles: S. Hall won 21-7 Northants, lost 21-3 Derbyshire Champion.

Men’s Pairs: S. Dunne, F. Howard lost 17-12 Northumberland. Men’s Rinks: R. Croxford, L. Stevenson, R. Jackson lost 15-23 Northants Champions.

Ladies Pairs: J. Savage, C. Wadlow lost 24-11 Lincs. Ladies Singles C. Wadlow lost 21-12 Nottinghamshire Champion. Ladies Senior Singles: C. Wadlow lost 20-21 North Essex Champion. Ladies Rinks: M Waterson, W. Featherstone, L Clare walkover v Lincs, lost 8-25 Cleveland Championship runners-up.

Harry Caver Trophy, EWBF competition: North Cambs Ladies after playing four games were placed 12 out of 13 with 0 points and -23 shots. Full details see website