Cold can’t stop Ashby

WISBECH Wheelers’ top veteran Paul Ashby shook off the effects of a cold and was the only rider inside twenty two minutes with 21.55 last Tuesday.

Richard Eve and Doug McClure have started this season faster than they finished the last with only a second separating them in 23.33 and 23.34 respectively.

Results 9.7 miles: Ladies: D Hallahan 31.20. Juniors: N Steel 29.55 (first ride). Seniors: R Eve 23.33, D McClure 23.34, M McClure 24.16, J McClure 24.17, S Emmett 24.41, K Belding 25.03, W Hall 25.17, J Kiernan 26.49, P Nobbs 27.39, A Twycross 29.07. Vets: P Ashby 21.55, C Murley 24.28, A Ward 25.18, A Whiting 25.28, P Baldwin 25.33.