County teams struggle

THERE were defeats for both North Cambs EBF Adams and Newton teams at home against Hunts in their final games of the county season.

Adams at March Town BC lost by 155 to 179 shots (5-17pts): A Garlick, J Ivatt, Lawson 23, Hunts 37; C Scotcher, K Beavis, P Butcher 23, Hunts 23; R Croxford, D Stanton, R Jackson 31, Hunts 27; R Allen, S Engledow, E Dilnot 21, Hunts 31; C Wright, J Hines, J Fox 27, Hunts 34; D Bailey, R Fowler, E Clarke 30, Hunts 27.

Newton at St Lawrence BC lost by 110 to 245 shots (4-18pts): J Allenson, A Overton, B Plater 22, Hunts 27; R Barr, P Cross, D Turner 24, Hunts 17; J Bennett, H Reed, A Hailes 16, Hunts 28; A Gower, S Dunne, D Thorpe 8, Hunts 32; H Reeve, G Tyler, L Smith 23, Hunts 15; A Clarke, B Crilly, S Smith 17, Hunts 26.

North Cambs hold their county outdoor finals at CMB BC over three days, July 20-22; start times and order of play to be confirmed, all spectators welcome.