Cundy gears up for Glasgow bid

Paralympian Jody Cundy has returned from a Majorca training camp as he gears up toward aiming to make the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games team.

During the Spring the cycling star has done a number of activities, including in Glasgow the final round of the Revolution track series, and the first time the series had ventured away from Manchester.

Once again Walpole ace Cundy was riding for Face Partnership with the endurance riders.

He said: “I didn’t quite get off to as good as start as in the first round as I finished sixth in the Flying Lap, and event I’d managed a second in October.

“The Madison kilo was a much better ride than the first round though, riding with Jake Ragan we managed to post a sub-60 second kilo and good enough to take the lead at the halfway point.

“In the end we ended up fifth, but the time a placing was an improvement from previous rounds. The bunch races went pretty well this time around, although I didn’t make any of the top ten places I had much stronger rides than in the October rounds and was more aware of what was going on around me.

“However still need some more racing and training to properly get in the mix and contest the finish sprints.”

On one of his camps out in Majorca he was knocked off by a car.

Cundy added: “I was incredibly lucky and managed to escape with a few cuts and bruises. Thankfully it didn’t affect my training and I was able to finish the week strongly.”

Then he tested himself out on the road in the EddieSoens Classic at Aintree race course. It was the first race of the season for most people and had 250 riders from all categories of racing.

Cundy was with the Cat 2 riders in the group just ahead of the Cat 1’s and Elites.

He said: “The bunch was 250 riders strong and shortly after that the first crash happened, fortunately I managed to avoid it, but with the rider on the ground each lap the bunch would have to squeeze past before regrouping.

“A few more laps in and there was another crash, this time I wasn’t so lucky and got caught the wrong side of it. After not quite making it back on, I ended up riding to the end of the race in a small group, and with the peloton out of our range it turned into a strong training ride.

“Still it was pretty enjoyable, and my legs felt pretty good throughout.”

Cundy went back to Majorca again, this time with almost all the GB Para-Cycling team.

He commented: “We had sun, rain, wind, snow, and hail, but all in all it didn’t stop me getting in all the training I had planned. This camp was about adding intensity to my rides, and working on specifics that’ll hopefully convert into more speed on the track during my kilo.”