Daniel breaks club record by a massive margin

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A SQUAD of 14 swimmers from Chatteris Kingfishers took part in the two-day Easter Open Meet in Newmarket which attracted swimmers from 29 different clubs from Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Essex, and even one from Manchester.

The group did extremely well, achieving a total of 35 personal best times, with 10 gold, 18 silver, 10 bronze medals and 20 top six placings.

Gold medals were won by Gary Smith in Open 50m backstroke and 50m front crawl, Mark Thompson in Open 400m front crawl, Luke Oliver in 15/U 50m butterfly, Kirsty Slyfield in 15/U 50m and 100m backstroke (p.b.), Martyn Fresher in Open 50m breaststroke, Matthijs Nooteboom in 14/U 50m front crawl (p.b.), Matthew Halmshaw in 14/U 200m breaststroke and finally Daniel Riches (10) in 10/U 200m butterfly (p.b.) in which he broke the club record previously held by Thomas Russell by a massive 49 seconds.

Silver medals: Daniel Riches (10), Liam Oliver (13, p.b.), Mark Thompson (21) and Luke Oliver (15) in 50m front crawl. Catherine Lee 50m breaststroke (p.b.) and Matthijs Nooteboom (14) in 100 and 200m I.M. (both p.b.) as well as 400m front crawl, Luke Oliver (15) in 100m I.M., 50m backstroke and 100m butterfly, Kirsty Slyfield (16) in 100m I.M., 50m butterfly and 200m backstroke, Mark Thompson in 200m front crawl (p.b.) and 100m butterfly; and Gary Smith (26) in 100m I.M.

Bronze medals: Liam Oliver 50m breaststroke and 50m butterfly (p.b.’s), Matthew Halmshaw (14) for 50m (p.b.) and 100m breaststroke, Matthijs Nooteboom in 200m front crawl (p.b.) and 50m butterfly, Luke Oliver 50m breaststroke and Mark Thompson 100m and 200m I.M. and 100m front crawl.

Ivo Nooteboom (14) was extremely unlucky to be just beaten to bronze three times (in 100 and 200m front crawl and 200 I.M.), but he swam all six races in good personal best times and finished in the top six in all but one race.

Charlotte Riches (14) achieved a credible 4th place in 100m breaststroke, as did Gary Smith in 200m I.M., Ashley Starreveld (15) in 50m butterfly (p.b.) and Matthijs Nooteboom in 100m backstroke (p.b.). Daniel Riches (10) swam to fifth place in 100 and 200m I.M. and 50m butterfly, Luke Oliver in 100m front crawl, Charlotte Riches (14) in 200m I.M. (p.b.), Ivo Nooteboom in 50m front crawl (p.b.) and Martyn Fresher (Master swimmer) in 50m backstroke (p.b.).

Top six places were achieved by Ivo Nooteboom in 100m I.M.(p.b.), Ashley Starreveld in 100m front crawl, Matthijs Nooteboom in 50m backstroke (p.b.) and Charlotte Riches in 50m breaststroke and 50m front crawl.

Further personal best times: Lydia Gray (9) in 50m backstroke (9) and 50m front crawl (17), Ivo Nooteboom in 100m backstroke (7), Liam Oliver in 100m (10) and 200m (7) front crawl, Matthew Halmshaw in 50m front crawl (9), 50m back (10) and 100m front crawl (11), Catherine Lee (13) in 100m backstroke and 100m I.M. (9) and Charlotte Riches in 100m backstroke (9).

Gary Smith and Mark Thompson managed to get into the skins races in which they finished in 3rd and 4th place respectively.

l Adam Lifshack qualified and took part in ASA East Region Youth Championships at Norwich this weekend. Despite Adam only being 14 years, the rules meant he had to compete against 26 other 15/16 year youths from much larger clubs from the whole of the East region in the 50m breaststroke. Adam competed valiantly to achieved a 3-second improvement on his 50m breaststroke personal best and was placed 23rd overall.

Two March Marlins took part in the Newmarket Open Meet, achieving one medal and five new personal bests.

Emily Morris swam to fourth place in the 14 years age group for 200M Individual Medley, 50 M butterfly, achieving new pb times. She also set a new pb in 200M Backstroke.

Adam Lifshack also competed in the 14 years and came in third and a bronze medal in 200M Individual Medley, setting a new pb time. He swam in 50M Butterfly and 200M Backstroke coming in fourth and setting new pbs.